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Laika Strange (ライカ・ストレンジ) is a human agent of ICPO. Her eyes are the size of dinner plates.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Lightning Trap: Leina and Laika OVA[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Yoshino Takamori

As one of ICPO's best agents, Laika was placed onboard the Lightning L808 transporting the new BIBLE Block from Japan to Paris, undercover as an air hostess. In this guise she did her best to convince a young boy called Ryo that there was no need to be scared of flying - only to spot a suspicious man. She tried to follow him but was stopped by an explosion, for the shifty fellow was none other than Zarik, leader of terrorist group Blue May. The lounge section Laika was in was taken over by the gunmen but she was able to choose her moment and kill the two guards with her pistol. She was also able to keep in touch with Ryo, who had escaped along with a schoolgirl called Leina Haruka, instructing them to move to the second cockpit of the L808 past the cargo bay. However, they were also spotted by Zarik, who set off to deal with them. Leina's classmate Nami Kojima was furious at Laika putting her friend at risk, and the agent decided to go to help, taking a gun from one of the dead terrorists and tearing her uniform into something sexier for some reason. By the time she reached the cargo bay Zarik had already used BIBLE Block to create a mech for himself, and the thing was impervious to her bullets. However, Laika was able to distract Zarik long enough for Leina and Ryo to jettison the cargo pod containing the terrorist into the freezing ocean below. Laika was worried about what her bosses would say about the loss of BIBLE Block, but glad she had made the choice to keep Leina and Ryo safe. Lightning Trap: Leina and Laika

Notes[edit | edit source]

Anice Farm from Sonic Soldier Borgman.
  • Laika was originally planned to be Anice Farm - voiced by Yoshino Takamori - from Ashi's Sonic Soldier Borgman, with the OVA being a crossover between two of the studio's most popular leading ladies. However, copyright problems meant the character had to be rewritten as Laika Strange and the design updated, though the character is very much an Anice expy.
  • Hideki Sonoda's novelisation of Lightning Trap: Leina and Laika adds further backstory for Laika, notably that she has a history with Blue May. A previous operation against the terrorist group had seen her badly injured and rebuilt as a cyborg, which goes some way to explaining some of the feats she pulls off and may be the explanation for the claws she uses at one point, rather than them being some sort of spy tech. The novel also establishes that the incident saw the deaths of her family, including a sister called Leina - which again may explain her affinity for Leina Haruka.