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BIBLE Block is a highly-advanced human fighter system, which used revolutionary technology that can be powered by the operator's mind.


Lightning Trap: Leina and Laika OVA[edit]

The BIBLE Block was 90% complete when officials in charge of the program decided to ship the device from Tokyo to Paris for further testing. In the interest of secrecy they decided to ship it onboard the Lightning L808 passenger liner's copious cargo space, and to avoid drawing undue attention only ICPO agent Laika Strange would be placed onboard for security, undercover as an air hostess. However, its' transit was discovered by the Blue May terrorist organisation, who seized control of the plane once it was in the air. Their leader Zarik ordered the plane flown to the Communist Bloc, where he planned to sell BIBLE Block for $60m. Schoolgirl Leina Haruka and a young boy named Ryo managed to avoid the terrorists and get in touch with Laika, moving through the L808's cargo bay. However, Zarik spotted her and put the BIBLE Block into action against the pair by using the tech to create a mech. Laika arrived in time to same them but found the mech to be too tough for her weapons. The insane Zarik turned BIBLE on his lieutenant Luna and Leina was able to use the distraction to jettison the cargo pod containing both the terrorist and BIBLE into the arctic ocean below. Laika mused how unhappy her bosses were likely to be about the system's loss, but was satisfied to have kept it out of Blue May's hands. Lightning Trap: Leina and Laika