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Sara is a member of the Battle Tribe from Cronos. She lives in Cleo City and is the daughter of the city's chief Pithus. Sara converts into a scooter.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Yoshino Takamori

Sara was immune to the controlling mind rays of Nerve and attempted to break his hold over her father and the other townspeople without success until Rom, Leina, Rod Drill, Blue Jet and Triple Jim arrived. They were turned back by the hostile reception from Pithus and the city's militia before Rom sneaked back later. However, by then Diondra had decided that Sara was a threat to the plan and sent Baldas to capture her, with Rom also getting caught after Nerve was able to overwhelm him. The rest of the travellers soon arrived but only Leina was able to resist Nerve's control. She was able to knock out Casmodon and free Sara. They hit Nerve, allowing the others to escape Gyandlar control long enough for Rom to call up Baikanfu. However, even the giant robot soon began to fall under the mind control - until Sara threw herself into the battle and gave Baikanfu an opening to destroy him. However, Sara was mortally injured in the process and died in Pithus' arms. In honour of her heroism the citizens of Cleo City built a statue in her honour.The Heart of a Protecting Angel

Notes[edit | edit source]