Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II

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Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend ep 2
Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II
Production company Ashi Productions
Release date September 4, 1988 (VHS)
September 25, 1988 (LD)
Original presentation OVA
Written by Hideki Sonoda
Directed by Kiyoshi Murayama
Animation studio Ashi Productions
Executive producer Masaru Umehara

Leina looks for her friends but the evil wizard Zaruk has already found them - on Electronic Planet B-1.

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Rall, Leina and Shuli

Along with Rod Drill, Blue Jet and Triple Jim, Rom was turned into an organ being after crossing the dimensional gate. He is now on Electronic Planet B-1; Rom is thanked by R. JeTan, Drill Crusher, Mach Blaster, Gattai Saurer, Garzack and the rest of the Machine Robo for freeing them and they depart for parts unknown. However, Rom detects an evil presence; before he can do anything Rod, Jet and Jim are frozen in ice by the wizard Velt Zaruk. Rom launches himself to attack the evil, but Zaruk meets him in mid-air and shatters Rom's sword Nagase. Meanwhile Leina Stol uses the recovered Wolf Sword Ken Rō to travel from Earth to B-1.

Under the surface of the planet, explorers Shuli and Rall investigate a strange glow under the surface of B-1 and are attacked by a huge serpent mech piloted by Myra, Zaruk's sister. The mech, Dahl, proves impervious to their weapons, and Myra taunts them with Zaruk's plan to drain B-1's energy to fuel his lust for conquest. Shuli is caught in one of the mech's claws but saved by the arrival of Leina. She beheads the snake with the Wolf Sword – which causes an beam of light to pierce the surface, where Rom is fighting Zaruk. Leina, Shuli and Rall begin climbing to the surface to get Ken Rō to Rom, with Leina telling the pair that Rom has always been able to save her in the past.

Velt Zaruk

Rom is finding himself outmatched by Zaruk but fights on, while Dahl has reformed and Myra blocks the path of the others to the surface. The mech throws Leina into a huge waterfall that runs off into space but she is saved by her companions. Myra keeps coming and Dahl's tongue traps Leina before blasting Shuli and Rall from a ledge. However she is saved by the arrival of the freed Rod Drill, who severs the tongue while Triple Jim catches Shuli and Rall. Drill holds the mech off while Jim gets Leina to Rom; as Rod holds the mech in place Shuli and Rall attack it with an energy beam. Zaruk's power is beginning to tell in his battle against Rom; Leina's path to her brother is then blocked by Myra, who has left the mech battling the others. She pounces on Leina but Rom is able to sense she is in danger and breaks away from Zaruk. Leina is wounded in the chest by Myra, who taunts her over her dependence on her brother. However Leina is able to use the Wolf Sword to block Myra's next attack and turn the tables, but hesitates to kill her opponent. Myra gets back into the fight but the Wolf Sword begins to free her from Zaruk's spells as she remembers she isn't really his sister, but has been brainwashed to think so.

Baikanfu battling Dahl

Even through the Wolf Sword removes Zaruk's mark from her Myra continues to attack, but is saved by the arrival of Rom, who joins Leina in pleading for their opponent to abandon the evil cause. Zaruk then arrives, shattering the bridge all three of them are standing on. Rom grabs Leina and the Wolf Sword transfers back to him, allowing him to call up Kenryū, with Zaruk taking over Dahl to face him, leaving Myra for dead. The others watch as Kenryū is caught in the mech's tentacles but is then cut clear by the arriving Blue Jet. The pair slice the arms off the mech as the battle continues. Meanwhile Leina, Jim, Rom, Shuli and Rall all tell Myra of the good Rom has done. Back in the fight, Zaruk is able to draw power from the mysterious cave and trap Kenryū in a force bubble with his mech, isolating Jet and the others outside. However, Rom is able to call forth Baikanfu. However, B-1 is disintegrating around them all as Zaruk drains its' energy. However Baikanfu is able to wrestle Zarak into his source of power, which then explodes. Zaruk is destroyed and vanishes while Rom survives and is embraced by his sister.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

(characters in italics are only present in flashback and/or dream scenes.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Machine Robo
  • The Machine Robo seen in flashback at the start thanking Rom and his friends are the Battle Hackers R. JeTan, Mach Blaster, Drill Crusher, and Garzack (plus Sitappas, the grunt robots used by the Gurendos), who weren't present in Revenge of Cronos but did headline the follow-up series. The latter series was prematurely cancelled in December 1987 with a hurried and downbeat conclusion that left the Machine Robo trapped in a perpetual war on Electronic Planet B-1. The implication here is that Rom, Rod, Jet and Jim were able to free them from this fate and the Machine Robo then depart for parts unknown. While the planet is somewhat changed (but still a floating fragment in space) it is unclear how long has passed between events.
  • Nagase was Guardi Stol's Star Sword, which presumably found its' way back to Rom after it was used to destroy Gadess.
  • Ken Rō's previously unadvertised ability to transport someone across the universe in space is covered via the medium of the opening titles which look metaphorical but are as close as the OVA gives to an explanation of how this is achieved.
Kenryū's new form
  • Kenryū and Baikanfu both have different forms, presumably because of the change of Rom's biology - but with the nice side effect of not featuring the Bandai designs in order that Ashi Productions would have been able to merchandise the heck out of them had the series taken off. Kenryū is basically a suit of armour, though Baikanfu is merely considerably more stylised.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Shuli and Rall have myriad powers, including being able to create energy projectiles from their hands and project an arc of energy between each other.
  • Even as a human Jet can fly, while Drill can still smash rocks. Jim can catch pebbles, so if anything he's more powerful.
  • Rod Drill also has funky spurs on his ankles that can flip down to anchor him.
  • Myra can sprout energy blades from her forearms.

Music[edit | edit source]

Home video releases[edit | edit source]

Promotional poster

1988Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II (Toshiba EMI, Japan)


1988Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II (Toshiba EMI, Japan)

Laser Disc

1988Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II (Toshiba EMI, Japan)
1993Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend Box (Toshiba EMI, Japan)


2001Leina Complete - From Birth to Travels (Toshiba EMI, Japan)
2004Leina Complete - From Birth to Travels (Toshiba EMI, Japan)


2022Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos (Discotek Media, USA)