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Drill Crusher (ドリルクラッシャー) is a Machine Robo who fights on the Electronic Planet B-1.

He was a former member of the Silver Wolves before joining R. JeTan's Battle Hackers unit. His weapon is the Crush Balzer. Ouch. He is a tough but fair fighter, fiercely loyal to his comrades.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Kōichi Yamadera

Drill Crusher was originally one of the Silver Wolves and part of the team led by Pro Truck Racer that responded to the arrival of the Good Luck on B-1. He later joined his commander inside the ship after the Gurendos also entered the ship, saving the humans Akira Amachi, Luke Stewart and Mia White from Kariagen before getting to them to safety - unwittingly leaving behind a fourth, Patricia Longfellow. Burning Electronic Planet After getting the humans to safety, he scoffed at the idea of Akira and Luke using the Riser Suits, even punching the former, instead taking them back to Crystal City. However, the pair stole the suits that night to rescue Patricia, leaving Drill Crusher furious. Jet Riser! Scramble! The Silver Wolves gave chase, eventually helping Mach Blaster recover the humans safely. Heavy Wind, Mach Blaster! After Pro Truck Racer was kicked out of the Silver Wolves and assigned to the Battle Hackers, Drill Crusher clashed with the team's new leader Rod Drill, who even punched him during a disagreement over whether the Battle Hackers could be trusted. Along with the Wheelmen he supported the Battle Hackers in their battle with Gakurandar and the Gurendos at a tactically crucial bridge outside Crystal City. After helping force the enemy into retreat Drill Crusher received an apology from Rod Drill. Jet Riser - Full Fire! Drill Crusher and the Wheelmen then joined the Battle Hackers. Return to the Good Luck


After Garzack's Garfire-SP fell into the hands of Sorikondar, Drill Crusher helped his team-mate recover it Stolen Garfire-SP and later joined the effort to relieve Rotary Kid and Twincam Jimmy. Rotary Kid and Twincam Jimmy When Yasand tried to control many of Crystal City's citizens with devices Drill Crusher investigated with the initially unwanted help of Masa. However, he eventually took the punk under his wing and was devastated when he was fatally wounded by Yasand, even making Masa an honorary Battle Hacker as he died. Along with Akira in the Jet Riser he took down Yasand's operation with extreme prejudice in order to avenge his friend. Drill Crusher's Wrath After the Battle Hackers were pinned down by a huge Gurendos force led by Sorikondar he tried to gee a PTSD-suffering R. JeTan into action, eventually succeeding. He was then given a sack of mines by Akira, Zen and F-One Jack and drilled in front of Sorikondar before attaching the explosives to the Gurendos, killing him. R. JeTan! Run! When the Gurendos unleashed a smokescreen on the Algo Army during a pitched battle he was nearly shot by Akira, but survived to help R. JeTan burn off the smoke. Quickly, Gattai Saurer! His ability to go underground had him at the vanguard of the Battle Hackers' attempt to stop Yasand stealing Algo Army electromagnetic missiles, though the mission was ultimately only partially successful. The Stolen Secret Weapon


He was part of the Battle Hackers' efforts to prevent the missiles being launched at Crystal City but they were bogged down by the huge Gurendos force blocking their way. Drill Crusher ended up in combat with Kariagen but was relieved by Gattai Saurer so he could get a warning to RIM at the Grand Whale. As a result of his warning Blue Jet was able to activate the city's defences but they were not enough to stop huge casualties. Target: Grand Whale A later attack in conjunction with the Algo Army was more successful, with Drill Crusher and Rod Drill working together to tunnel to Yasand's command post, driving them into retreat. The Flower of Hope Blooming on the Battlefield He was then part of the team who made a run to retrieve a device that could revive those affected by the missiles. The group came under considerable attack from the Gurendos both on the way and on their return. Gakurandar, Kariagen and Suji led a huge ambush to block their return to the Grand Whale and the team was gradually whittled down to just Drill Crusher, Twincam Jimmy and Akira when Kariagen and Suji blocked their path. Drill Crusher took them both on, allowing Twincam Jimmy to get Akira close enough to base that the human could drag the device the rest of the way. Let's Do It! When the Battle Hackers were sent by RIM to investigate a mysterious entity killing miners under B-1 his quick thinking saved the impetuous Winner Robo from destruction when he was able to draw the slime away from the group, and later helped overcome the goo's controller Rikimines. Break Through the End of the Earth Drill Crusher was part of the Battle Hackers' plan to destroy a new Gurendos mobile base under the command of Shibumidas and Rikimines, disabling the security system so they remained unaware that the team were onboard. While the huge vehicle was destroyed Mach Blaster was captured. Captive Mach Blaster He was then a key part of the team's rescue attempt in Blood Country - after the Battle Hackers sneaked under the base he drilled up to the interrogation room where Mach Blaster was being tortured by Rikimines, freeing his comrade. Goodbye - Battle Forever

Toys[edit | edit source]


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers[edit | edit source]

  • Drill Crusher (Battle Hacker, 1987)
    • ID number: BH-03
    • Accessories: Crush Balzer
Drill Crusher was released in Bandai's Machine Robo: Battle Hackers toyline in 1987, and converts from robot to drill tank to robotic rhinoceros. The Crush Balzer can fire BB-type pellets and be attached to any of the three modes. The figure has articulation at the shoulders; the elbows are permanently set at a slight angle to accommodate the rhino mode. Drill Crusher retailed at ¥2600.
Drill Crusher was not released outside of Japan.

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

A painted version of the kit, as featured on the model's box.

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers[edit | edit source]

  • Drill Crusher (Machine Robo: Battle Hackers, 1987)
    • ID number: 2
A small plastic model kit version of Drill Crusher was issued by Bandai as part of their Machine Robo: Battle Hackers line of models. Drill Crusher retained his ability to transform; unlike earlier kits for the line, the Battle Hackers models were cast in three colours - in Drill Crusher's case blue, white and grey. However painting would still be needed to make the model accurate to the included leaflet. Like the rest of the range, the model retailed at ¥150.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The rhino mode is very, very rarely used in the cartoon.