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This article is about the weapon used by the Stol family. For the sword that forms part of the Hyribead, see Wolf Sword (Hyribead).

The Wolf Sword called Ken Rō is the family sword of the Stol clan. While its' main power is being able to call forth the mechas Kenryū and Baikanfu it is also a decent weapon in its' own right, and features a Wolf Emblem on the hilt.

Fiction[edit | edit source]


Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit | edit source]

The precise origins of the Wolf Sword are unknown, but it was brought to Cronos by Kirai Stol and was used by him to defeat Mizuchi and other threats to the planet. When he was tracked down and attacked by the Gyandlar and mortally wounded by Gadess, Kirai bequeathed the sword to his son Rom Stol, who used it to summon Kenryū and Baikanfu to drive them off. Rising Storm - the Fighting Style of Justice! The sword then led Rom along with his sister Leina Stol and friends Blue Jet, Rod Drill and Triple Jim on a quest to investigate the Wolf Emblems around the planet, which contained the key to frustrating the Gyandlar's search for the Hyribead. Wolf Sword! Call Forth the Thunder of Courage! Rom was also able to use the Wolf Sword as a conduit to contact Leina. Devil Trap - The Enslaved Village During an attack on the ruins of Emerald City the sword fell down below ground but was saved by Tough Trailer and returned to Rom. Escape from the Underground - Pro Truck Racer Appears! Magna Rock was later able to use it to free Rom and his friends when they attempted to rescue Ruby Man. The Secret of the Jewel People It was later stolen from him by Garudi. Secret Valley of the Fossil Men After using a Power Riser to assault the Gyandlar flagship Power Riser, Break Through the Enemy! Rom was able to call the Wolf Sword back Baikanfu - Cry of Anger!. Rom was able to use it to free his lost brother Guardi Stol from the Garudi armour Mighty Fortress, Heavenly Sword - Jet Don't Die! and later, with the aid of the Hyribead, combined the Wolf Sword with the Star Sword to finally destroy Gadess.The Final Battle of Cronos


Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend OVA[edit | edit source]

After the Stols and their friends left Cronos following the defeat of the Gyandlar they crossed a dimensional barrier, changing to organic beings. Leina reappeared in Tokyo, Japan on Earth, with the Wolf Sword. While she initially struggled to remember her previous life, when she and Nami Kojima were threatened by the mage Tide Tyrant it came back to her and she retrieved the Wolf Sword before defeating him. Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend I She was then able to use the sword to travel to Rom and the others on Electronic Planet B-1. She got the sword to her brother in time for him to defeat Velt Zaruk. Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II After Rom was mortally wounded by Baltun he passed the Wolf Sword to Leina, who used it to defeat the villain.Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend III