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The Wolf Sword is one of the four elements of the Hyribead hidden on the planet of Cronos. It is a different sword to the Stol family's Wolf Sword Ken Rō, used by Kirai Stol and Rom Stol.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit | edit source]

The Wolf Sword was listed as one of the four elements of the Hyribead by Amber Man. Save Amber Man, Blazer Cannon! A decoy version of the sword was located in the Valley of the Fossil Men but the noble actions of Rom Stol when both the Machine Robo and the Gyandlar tried to recover it convinced the Fossil Men, guardians of the real Sword, to put themselves and the Wolf Sword in his service. Secret Valley of the Fossil Men After Rom's own Wolf Sword, Ken Rō, was captured by the Gyandlar Kempō Robo suggested giving the Hyribead version to Rom during the Machine Robo assault on Gadess' mothership. Dia Man agreed and drew it from Header. However, Kempō Robo was attacked by Wrestler Robo, possessed by Grujios. The Gyandlar was able to steal the sword and deliver it to Gadess instead. Mighty Fortress, Heavenly Sword - Jet Don't Die! However, Rom was able to vanquish Gadess by combining his Wolf Sword with the Star Sword of his brother Guardi, taking back the four Hyribead elements - which he then used to restore Cronos. The Final Battle of Cronos

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