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The Gurendos are a race of robots who try to conquer the Electronic Planet B-1 and defeat the Algo Army in 406AE.


They take their orders from the human-made computer Dylan, with Gakurandar having command in the field. While Dylan is aware that the whole conflict has been staged as a testing ground for human weapons manufacturers the rest of the Gurendos do not.

Known Gurendos[edit]


Shock Troopers[edit]

Imperial Guard[edit]

Security Squad[edit]

Other Soldiers[edit]

Trooper Types[edit]

The Gurendos' main forces lay in their huge and seemingly inexhaustible supplies of mass-produced grunt-type troopers.



  • The group's name is derived from "guren-tai" (愚連隊), loosely meaning hoodlums, and several of the characters are humorously modelled on Japanese culture of the time.