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Geruka (ゲルカ) is a captain of the Gurendos army on Electronic Planet B-1. He has a cowboy hat and can levitate buildings; it is not clear if these attributes are connected.


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

Geruka commanded a Gurendos massacre of all the inhabitants of a town bar Iron Eagle. The latter swore vengeance on the Gurendos in general and Geruka in particular, fighting a one-man war against the Gurendos. Geruka remained in town when the Battle Hackers arrived, hurling buildings down on the team. However, they were still able to meet Iron Eagle and persuade him they meant no harm. Geruka then attacked personally; Iron Eagle attacked his old enemy and demanded the Battle Hackers open fire on both of them. They did so, and Geruka's threat was finally ended, albeit at the cost of Iron Eagle's life. Iron Eagle - Lonely Hunter