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Suji (スジ) is a captain of the Gurendos army on Electronic Planet B-1.

He generally serves as a mid-level sidekick of someone else, usually Sorikondar. Even by the standards of the Gurendos he's thick.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Issei Futamata

Along with Sorikondar he laid a trap for the Wheelmen, who were being chased by Gakurandar, Kariagen and a huge army of troops. While they were able to trap their quarry the Battle Hackers arrived and drove off the Gurendos force. Strongest Warrior - R.JeTan! After a clash with the Battle Hackers he spotted Garzack's dropped Garfire-SP and grabbed it, only to have it immediately swiped by Sorikondar. Stolen Garfire-SP He then manned a space station that attempted to destroy Big Shuttle Robo and Apollo Robo on a scouting mission. Sadly they had the Battle Hackers onboard and counter-attacked, causing huge casualties before the group returned to B-1. Crystalium Recovery Operation He was part of the Gurendos attempt to overpower R. JeTan after Gakurandar captured Twincam Jimmy, Rotary Kid, Akira Amachi and Zen Ogawa. Along with Sorikondar he piled on the Battle Hackers leader but was soon thrown off. Muddy Duel He later joined Gakurandar in defending the Gurendos' new super-cannon but the Winner Robo were able to get by and destroy the weapon. Dangerous Grand Whale Suji joined Sorikondar in commanding the Gurendos' mind-control satellite but an attack from the Battle Hackers again forced the pair into another retreat. Destroy the Fortress Satellite He then fought against the Battle Hackers when they attempted to retake electromagnetic missiles captured by Yasand; though he was personally stopped by Mach Blaster and Rotary Kid the Gurendos were still able to fire the weapons on Crystal City. Target: Grand Whale He later tried to prevent the Battle Hackers retrieving a device to help the casualties but they were ultimately successful and the reinforced Algo Army were able to force the Gurendos back. Let's Do It!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Like Rikimines, Suji presumably got lost in the shuffle of the hurried last couple of episodes before cancellation but as things stand he appears to be the highest-ranking Gurendos officer left at the end of the show.
  • His name is from the phrase "Suji no toranai" ("筋の通らない"), which means illogical or irrational.
  • Suji speaks in Kansai dialect, which is often anime shorthand for the character being a goof.