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Kizune (キズーン) is an agent of the Gurendos.

He works with Gantsuke.



Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

After the survivors from the Good Luck were quartered in Crystal City they were targeted for kidnapping by the Gurendos captain Sorikondar, who wanted to find out more about the spacecraft. Kizune, already spying in the city and leaking information about the Algo Army's strategies, hung around near their apartment in disguise until Akira Amachi came walking by, rapidly becoming fascinated by Kizune's motorcycle. He offered the human a ride, but swiftly took him out of the sight of the Battle Hackers to a location where Gantsuke was waiting. The pair took Akira captive and planned to brainwash him to find the Battle Hackers' secrets. The Algo Army mobilised to find Akira once a plot to kidnap the rest of the crew was foiled, and R. JeTan soon tracked the pair of spies down. Gattai Saurer was able to smash through to their hiding place before the brainwashing was complete. After rescuing Akira the Battle Hackers dropped a building on Kizune and Gantsuke, destroying them both. Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy

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Let's Do It!

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