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The Algo Army is the military of the Algo Republic, based in the Grand Whale in Crystal City on Electronic Planet B-1.


The Algo Army were charged with protecting the Machine Robo of B-1 from invaders, particularly the Gurendos. Their strategy and commands came from the computer RIM, located in the Grand Whale. The army was made up of five teams - Silver Wolves, White Thunder, Blue Dragons, Red Knights and Battle Hackers.

Silver Wolves[edit]

The ground forces, who transform into various vehicles. Initially commanded by Pro Truck Racer before he was busted down to the Battle Hackers, after which Rod Drill took command.

White Thunder[edit]

The air force, who transform into jets, helicopters and space vehicles. Initially commanded by Mach Blaster before he was demoted to the Battle Hackers by RIM, with Blue Jet taking over.

Blue Dragons[edit]

Another ground force, who transform into rocks and occasionally carry out reconnaissance. Commanded by Dia Man.

Red Knights[edit]

A team who mainly deal with logistics and training, made up of unarmed combat specialists. Commanded by Kempō Robo.

Battle Hackers[edit]

The misfits of the army who initially were largely left out of RIM's plans due to their difficulty in following orders. As the conflict with the Gurendos went on, they became more trusted and their firepower made them a key part of the Algo Army's strategy. Commanded by R. JeTan.