Crystal City

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Crystal City is the capital city of the Algo Republic on Electronic Planet B-1. It has a distinctive circular layout, centred on the Algo Army's Grand Whale base.


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]

Due to the presence of the Grand Whale and RIM, the Algo Army's battle computer, the city was frequently the target of Gurendos attacks. Gakurandar attempted to cut supply lines to the city by destroying the main bridge, but they were thwarted by the Battle Hackers. Jet Riser - Full Fire! It was later targeted by Sorikondar using Garzack's stolen gun, destroying a fuel facility before the weapon was recovered. Stolen Garfire-SP Yasand then tried a different tack, using mind-control devices to take over large numbers of the population. However, his plans were discovered by Masa and thwarted by Drill Crusher and Akira Amachi. Drill Crusher's Wrath Yasand later bombarded the city with electromagnetic missiles, causing huge casualties. Target: Grand Whale Despite repeated attacks a Gurendos invasion was eventually stopped by the combined efforts of the Battle Hackers The Flower of Hope Blooming on the Battlefield and the Algo Army. Let's Do It!