Jet Riser - Full Fire!

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 6
"Jet Riser - Full Fire!"
("JETTORAIZAA zen tama hassha")
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate July 8, 1987
Written by Hideki Sonoda
Directed by Naoyoshi Kusaka

A restless Akira wants to join the Battle Hackers.

"Lost in Translation"

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


Akira heads out late one night visit the Algo Army's base on a hoverboard to see the Battle Hackers. He agitates to join the army but Garzack and the others point out that he can't fight. R. JeTan receives a signal and the Battle Hackers leave, with Mach Blaster again telling Akira he can't help them in their battles. RIM briefs the Silver Wolves; an argument about the Battle Hackers breaks out and Rod Drill punches Drill Crusher before being restrained by Blue Jet. Rod insists the Battle Hackers are unsuitable for a role in the army before RIM once again chimes in to tell them all about the legend of Baikanfu, which the computer believes the haphazard unit doesn't live up to. Drill Crusher apologises. Akira meanwhile heads to the hangar containing the Jet Riser and steals it, setting off the alarms and leaving the base before Drill Crusher and the Wheelmen can stop him. RIM sends them in pursuit of the Jet Riser. Outside the Crystal City, Gakurandar, Kariagen and Sorikondar have targeted the main access bridge, where Land Giant 32 is delivering supplies. They lead in a squad of Sitappas and Teppodamans. They soon overwhelm the defenders, with Gakurandar preventing Cessna Robo from flying for help and punching Jeep Robo into the river. He then orders the Devil Satan 6 to destroy the bridge's supports. However, before they can do so the Battle Hackers arrive on the scene, with R. JeTan's cannon taking out numerous Sitappas. Garukandar seems unconcerned, and challenges R. JeTan to single combat.


The pair are evenly matched before Gakurandar charges R. JeTan, taking them both over the edge of the bridge. The rest of the Battle Hackers and the Gurendos then begin fighting on the bridge, and Gattai Saurer's tail knocks over Kariagen and Sorikondar while Garzack guns down numerous Sitappas. Meanwhile the fight between the groups' leaders continues in the river. Meanwhile Zen, Patricia, Mia and Luke search for Akira, with Luke reasoning he's likely gone off to find the Battle Hackers. Drill Crusher and the Wheelmen have nearly caught up with the Jet Riser, and the chase has nearly taken them to the bridge - where the Gurendos are retreating as the Battle Hackers give chase. However, unknown to anyone the Devil Satan 6 are still hiding under the bridge, where One plants explosives. They emerge from hiding and around the Jet Riser when Akira lands; he begins fighting them but they combine. Devil Satan 6 proves impervious to the Jet Riser's missiles but Akira is able to knock the giant robot over when it tries to stamp on him. Meanwhile, R. JeTan uses Mach Blaster's gun mode to wipe out a huge chunk of the Gurendos, to Gakurandar's fury. Back on the bridge Devil Satan 6 still has the detonator; Akira lunges for it but the Jet Riser is kicked off the bridge. However, it is caught by Drill Crusher, and Devil Satan 6 flies off after the Wheelmen arrive. They find the explosives and are able to throw them clear seconds before Devil Satan 6 detonates them. R. JeTan returns with the Battle Hackers, and tells Akira his spirit impressed him - offering him to join the team. Back at base, Drill Crusher and the Wheelmen report to RIM, Rod and Jet. They are all grateful the bridge was saved, and Rod apologises to Drill Crusher for their earlier fight.

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2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)