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Gakurandar (ガクランダー) is the commander of the Gurendos army. While he is the de-facto leader of the group in the field, he actually answers to the computer Dylan.

He can remove his coat and throw it over enemies to trap them, and has little patience with idiots. Which is a shame, as all of his subordinates are morons.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Ken Yamaguchi

Gakurandar led the Gurendos forces in their attack on the Algo Republic. Burning Electronic Planet He personally intervened when Kariagen, Sorikondar and Suji attempted to destroy the Wheelmen, only for the Battle Hackers to arrive, forcing the Gurendos to retreat. Strongest Warrior - R.JeTan! The Battle Hackers then thwarted his attempt to destroy a bridge which was crucial to Crystal City's supply chain, overwhelming the Algo Army guards and booting Jeep Robo into the river but again retreated after an inconclusive one-on-one battle with R. JeTan. Jet Riser - Full Fire! He narrowly escaped a sniper attack from Rotary Kid, charging Sorikondar and Kariagen with destroying the city and any Machine Robo in it - though they were again stopped by the Battle Hackers. Rotary Kid and Twincam Jimmy Identifying R. JeTan as the key factor stopping his plans, he set a plan in motion, trapping Rotary Kid, Twincam Jimmy and their human friends Akira Amachi and Zen Ogawa, and contacting R. JeTan to tell him to come alone and free them. Gakurandar, Sorikondar and Suji then attacked R. JeTan, who might have been overwhelmed if the prisoners hadn't escaped and backed their leader up, forcing the Gurendos into another retreat. Muddy Duel


Gakurandar's next scheme was to build a huge super-cannon to fire on the Grand Whale, but despite a ring of aerial mines defending it the weapon was destroyed by the Winner Robo. Dangerous Grand Whale He then planned to use a mind-control satellite to thin out the Algo Army, but the station was blown up by the Battle Hackers before they were weakened enough for his army to march in. Destroy the Fortress Satellite After these failures he began to lose favour with Dylan, with Yasand's plan to steal electromagnetic missiles very much ruffling his feathers. The Stolen Secret Weapon Nevertheless he took part in the scheme Target: Grand Whale and later attempted to stop the Battle Hackers restoring the fallen Machine Robo, though he and his troops were kept busy by R. JeTan and Mach Blaster. Let's Do It! Gakurandar tasked Shinobis and Igarn with destroying the Algo Army computer RIM, but they were unsuccessful. Special Command - Destroy RIM After losing Sorikondar, Kariagen and Shibumidas to the Battle Hackers he faced the unit outside the Gurendos' Blood Country headquarters, engaging R. JeTan once again. The fight was even until R. JeTan shattered his sword, the blade embedding in Gakurandar's chest and killing him. Goodbye - Battle Forever

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • His name is a pun on gakuran, the style of Japanese school uniform his coat resembles.
  • A less flamboyant early concept of Gakurandar was featured in a story page of TV Land.