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The Grand Whale is the central base of the Algo Army. It is located in Crystal City on Electronic Planet B-1 and houses the computer RIM, as well as numerous facilities for the Machine Robo - including sleeping quarters, a medical bay, a target range, a runway, launch silos, missile arrays and more. The bridge of the Grand Whale is the nexus of the Algo Army's command structure, where RIM is located and where the various team-leaders - especially Kempō Robo, Rod Drill, Blue Jet and Dia Man - stand around a strategic map arguing about how they can get out of doing anything each week or watch stock footage of Baikanfu.

It can also fly, though it's not polite to mention this.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]


When the Good Luck appeared over B-1 and moved into land Shuttle Robo relayed the news to the Grand Whale, with Pro Truck Racer leading out a team to investigate the spacecraft. Burning Electronic Planet The Algo Army's plans were leaked from the Grand Whale by Gurendos agents Kizune and Gantsuke, but the pair overreached when they tried to brainwash Akira Amachi and were destroyed by the Battle Hackers. Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy The base was the target for a huge super-gun built by the Gurendos, but the Winner Robo were able to destroy the weapon before it could be used on the Grand Whale itself. Dangerous Grand Whale After receiving a warning from Drill Crusher, Blue Jet activated the Grand Whale's defences to counter the electromagnetic missiles Yasand had launched at Crystal City. However, they did not bring the projectile down, and the weapon caused huge casualties. Target: Grand Whale The base managed to stay functional and was used to treat casualties. However, after the Battle Hackers initially failed to prevent further launches the Grand Whale was evacuated. The Flower of Hope Blooming on the Battlefield Once the immediate threat had passed the Algo Army returned to the damaged but still functional base. Let's Do It!


RIM was targeted by Gakurandar, who sent Shinobis and Igarn to infiltrate the Grand Whale. While the pair were able to get inside and move around the base both were ultimately killed by R. JeTan and Mach Blaster before they could cause any serious damage. Special Command - Destroy RIM When the Battle Hackers assaulted the Gurendos' base in Blood Country news soon reached RIM. To the shock of Patricia Longfellow and Zen Ogawa the Grand Whale took off and headed towards Blood Country as well, with the Algo Army onboard and the White Thunder team flying as escorts. RIM then teleported the two humans to meet up with their friends Akira, Luke and Mia on a shuttle inside the Blood Country base that then took them back towards Earth as the Grand Whale and its' crew fought the Gurendos, killing Yasand with its' huge beam cannon. Goodbye - Battle Forever

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Naturally the series' premature end meant some rushing, and it's likely that while the Grand Whale flying was part of the plan all along it likely wasn't planned to be so unexpected and unexplained.