Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 5
"Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy"
("KURISUTARU touchou sakusen")
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate July 1, 1987
Written by Nobuaki Kishima
Directed by Shinji Takahashi

There's a spy in the Algo Republic

"Lost in Translation"

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The Gurendos continue their campaign, with Sorikondar overseeing a squad of Sitappas battling the Algo Army in one of Electronic Planet B-1's forests, where Rod Drill and his troops are ambushed and pinned down. RIM relays the information in the Grand Whale in Crystal City, where Kempō Robo believes their plans are being spied upon. Meanwhile, Akira, Luke, Mia, Patricia and Zen have been settled in an apartment in the city. While they have been told to wait and relax Mia is frustrated about the lack of help they have received in finding out how to get back to Earth - taking it out on Zen for playing loud music. Little do they know they have been targeted by the Gurendos, who are planning to come through the ceiling of the apartment below. Akira heads out to stretch his legs and unwittingly strikes up a conversation with Kizune, who offers him a ride on his motorcycle. The pair are spotted by the Battle Hackers, who are out doing rad tricks on their hoverboards, but the bike disappears into a tunnel before Mach Blaster can get a closer look. Once inside, Kizune drops his disguise and his accomplice - the huge Gantsuke - punches Akira. The pair reveal it is they who are leaking information, actually being agents of the Gurendos - and they plan to brainwash Akira to find out more about the Battle Hackers.


Back at the apartment one of the Sitappas spots the Battle Hackers approaching the building, having come to investigate why Akira was out on a motorcycle ride. They seize on the opportunity to assassinate R. JeTan but he notices them and the resulting gunfire alerts Luke, Mia, Zen and Patricia. A salvo from R. JeTan wipes out the would-be kidnappers (and breaks a lot of windows, much to Mia's irritation) but everyone then realises the implications for the missing Akira. The Battle Hackers set out to find him. Kizune and Gantsuke are busy reprogramming Akira, while Eagle Robo leads a squad of White Thunder troops to join the search and Land Commander 5 is activated. R. JeTan is able to track the human, and orders Header, Abarar, Legger and Taildar to form Gattai Saurer in order to help dig towards his location. As the roof collapses Kizune and Gantsuke abandon Akira for dead. He is knocked out of their machine by a ruction and fights off the conditioning. The villains run into Garzack, R. JeTan and Mach Blaster, and Gantsuke is defeated before Akira is rescued. R. JeTan then collapses the building on Gantsuke and Kizune. Watching from afar, Sorikondar curses the failure of his plan and the loss of his valuable spies before Shibumidas informs him the Algo Army is closing in - with Rod Drill leading a successful counter-attack. Akira meanwhile thanks R. JeTan for rescuing him.

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  • Some of the shots in Algo Republic have some very weird looking alien types in.

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2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)