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Zen Ogawa (ゼン小川) is a human from Earth. He was a crew member travelling on the ship Good Luck when it arrived on Electronic Planet B-1, and became an ally of the Battle Hackers.

Much younger than the other survivors of the ship, he rarely goes into combat. Zen looks up to Akira Amachi as a big brother for some strange reason (brain damage due to suspended animation?) and harbours an occasional crush on Patricia Longfellow. Maybe he just likes stupid people?


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Nozomu Sasaki

Due to the malfunctions the Good Luck was suffering from when it landed on B-1 Zen did not awaken along with fellow survivors Akira Amachi, Luke Stewart, Mia White and Patricia Longfellow. When he did he found the ship crawling with Gurendos and made for the shuttle bay, where he found Patricia trapped in one of the escape pods and freed her. The pair tried to avoid Kariagen and his Sitappas, who were still swarming all over the ship. Patricia confessed to him that she wasn't even meant to be on the ship as they hid in the ventilation shafts of the Good Luck, and were fortunate to be found by Mach Blaster just as the Gurendos located them. They were returned to Crystal City along with the ship's black box, which revealed the extent of the disaster, with the rest of the crew seemingly dead and no way back to Earth - much to Patricia's distress. Heavy Wind, Mach Blaster! Along with Patricia, he was being given a lift by Buggy Wolf when the Wheelmen and the humans were attacked by Sorikondar and Suji, who blew up the road they were travelling on; they were saved by the Battle Hackers and met R. JeTan for the first time. Strongest Warrior - R.JeTan! The humans were given an apartment in Crystal City, but only narrowly avoided being kidnapped thanks to R. JeTan. Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy Zen helped search for Akira when he and the Jet Riser disappeared from the city. Jet Riser - Full Fire!


In order to impress Patricia, Zen volunteered himself and Akira to join Rotary Kid and Twincam Jimmy on a scouting mission that saw the group caught in a junkyard as bait to lure R. JeTan into a Gurendos trap; while they won out Patricia was initially repulsed by the group's appearance and aroma - though she was won over when Zen gave her a flower he found during the escapade. Muddy Duel When the Battle Hackers were sent to investigate a strange entity killing miners in B-1 Patricia and Zen were left observing on the surface. Break Through the End of the Earth and spent much of the climactic assaults against the Gurendos army on the Grand Whale with RIM. Hot Sand Battle, Hurry Jet! They were still there when the computer moved the Grand Whale in to attack the Blood Country base, and suddenly beamed Patricia and Zen to Akira, Luke and Mia, who had found out the shocking truth about B-1; that it was a human-built weapons testing site that had ran amok. Akira shut down the computer Dylan that worked with the Gurendos but the craft was launched back to Earth before they could inform the Battle Hackers of their discovery.Goodbye - Battle Forever