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Luke Stewart (ルーク・スチュワート) is a human from Earth. A former member of the crew of the Good Luck, after the ship's arrival on Electronic Planet B-1 he became an ally of the Battle Hackers.

In combat he pilots the Battle Riser battle suit. Luke is calmer and more authoritative than Akira Amachi, though no less brave, and quickly becomes the unofficial leader of the Good Hope survivors. Despite their drastically different personalities he is good friends with Akira, and slowly becomes romantically attached to Mia White. His hair is immaculate.


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Kenyuu Horiuchi

Luke was one of the crewmembers of the Good Luck placed in suspended animation, meaning he survived the ship's unintended journey through a wormhole that seemingly wiped out the rest of the crew bar Akira, Mia, Patricia and Zen. He was revived just as the vessel touched down on Electronic Planet B-1. They almost immediately ran into the Gurendos captain Kariagen and were chased further into the ship. Luke and the crew got armed, and when he found even a bazooka to make little impression on Kariagen he stalled him with extinguisher foam. He was saved by Pro Truck Racer while Akira and Mia were collected by Drill Crusher but Patricia was accidentally left behind. Burning Electronic Planet Luke was reunited with Akira and Mia, and the two males soon took a shine to the Riser Suits brought into battle by Tough Trailer. However, they were denied permission to try them by Drill Crusher. Nevertheless after being taken back to Crystal City he and Akira sneaked out in the night, stealing the Jet Riser and Battle Riser in order to go and rescue Patricia from the Good Luck. Jet Riser! Scramble! Their impromptu mission might have ended in disaster if Mach Blaster hadn't gone against RIM's orders and led a White Thunder force to rescue Patricia and the revived Zen. While he was doing so Akira used the Jet Riser to recover the black box from the Good Luck, allowing the humans to later learn of the circumstances that led them to B-1. Heavy Wind, Mach Blaster! He was later onboard Hot Rod Joe when the Wheelmen and the humans were attacked by Sorikondar and Suji, who blew up the road they were travelling on; they were saved by the Battle Hackers and met R. JeTan for the first time. Strongest Warrior - R.JeTan!


The humans were given an apartment in Crystal City, but only narrowly avoided being kidnapped thanks to R. JeTan. Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy Luke helped search for Akira when he and the Jet Riser disappeared from the city, and was quick to realise he had likely joined the Battle Hackers in combat. Jet Riser - Full Fire! After Patricia and Mia returned to the Good Luck, Luke helped raise a rescue operation, and the ship was eventually destroyed. Return to the Good Luck He was walking around Crystal City with Patricia when Sorikondar used Garzack's captured Garfire-SP to blow up a fuel depot. Stolen Garfire-SP He then joined the Battle Hackers in a mission to recover Rotary Kid and Twincam Jimmy in a nearby city, donning the Battle Riser once again. Rotary Kid and Twincam Jimmy Luke piloted Big Shuttle Robo during a space exploration mission, with his skill helping those onboard avoid any damage when they came under Gurendos attack. Crystalium Recovery Operation He once again joined Mia in piloting Big Shuttle Robo when the Battle Hackers went to destroy a mind-control satellite ran by Sorikondar. They were nearly sucked into a black hole when the huge Machine Robo took damage but RIM devised a strategy using explosives to save them. Destroy the Fortress Satellite A third trip into space onboard Big Shuttle Robo followed soon after, but brought the humans no closer to finding a way back to Earth. R. JeTan! Run!


Luke returned to piloting the Battle Riser as part of a huge and ultimately successful Algo Army assault on the Gurendos. Quickly, Gattai Saurer! He and Akira found their Riser Suits outmatched by the Gurendos' new Twin Deppo Daman soldiers so Mach Blaster took them for training with the suits' eccentric creator, Science. After easily defeating Akira in single combat, Science put the two humans through a punishing physical and mental regime to improve their performance and use of the suits. As a result the pair were able to defeat Yasand and Rikimines in combat. Riser! Power Up! Luke was later able to shoot down one of the Gurendos craft carrying stolen electromagnetic missiles but Yasand was still able to capture several of the superweapons. The Stolen Secret Weapon The Battle Riser was used by Luke when the Battle Hackers investigated a mysterious creature in the mines of B-1; during the operation he and Mia nearly kissed before remembering to focus on the mission in hand. Break Through the End of the Earth. Luke later participated in a raid on a new Gurendos mobile base Captive Mach Blaster and, finally, an assault on their Blood Country headquarters, where he and Mia once again came close to showing their feelings for each other before realising the rest of the Battle Hackers were watching and making fun of them. Soon afterwards Luke, Akira and Mia discovered a human spaceship inside the Gurendos base. There they found out the shocking truth about B-1 - that it was a human-built weapons testing site that had ran amok. Akira shut down the computer Dylan that worked with the Gurendos but Patricia and Zen were beamed onto the ship by RIM, and the craft was launched back to Earth before they could inform the Battle Hackers of their discovery.Goodbye - Battle Forever



Machine Robo: Battle Hackers[edit]

  • Battle Riser (Battle Hackers, 1987)
    • ID number: BH-06
    • Accessories:
A figure of Luke Stewart was included with the Battle Riser toy in Bandai's Machine Robo: Battle Hackers toyline in 1987. Using similar engineering to the Martial Arts Robo, it was poseable for the time and could also fit in the Power Riser or Jet Riser toys. While the body was sculpted with details of the character's spacesuit from the cartoon it was ultimately unpainted except from the head, possibly for budgetary reasons. The same body, with a different head, was used as Akira Amachi in the Jet Riser set.
  • Like the other Riser Suits, the set was not released outside of Japan.