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Falcon Robo (ファルコンロボ) is a Machine Robo.

He stands at 14.52m tall and weights 98.15 tons. In jet mode he can fly at Mach 4.4 and can fire Ionoid Phoenix Missile AIM-CX.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo commercials[edit | edit source]


Falcon Robo was at a futuristic city when a giant monster from the Casmozone appeared above, unleashing an army of Casmodon, Zarios and Falgos monsters. He switched from jet to robot mode and combined with the MR-P1 Power Suit. Forming Battle Armor 5 along with Limousine Robo, City Turbo II Robo, Fairchild Robo and Blackbird Robo, he was able to help the giant robot warrior vanquish the enemy. Battle Armor 5 commercial

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Kenichi Ono, Show Hayami

The most agile member of the Jet Tribe Machine Robo - Steel Warriors!, Falcon Robo was in Death Valley when the Leo Clan clashed with the Gyandlar, but played no role in the battle. Sophia, Warrior Woman of the Leo Clan Along with Blackbird Robo and Harrier Robo he was recruited by Blue Jet to attack the Sky Castle, where Grujios and a group of undead Gyandlar were holding Leina Stol captive. They attacked Devil Satan 6, creating the distraction Rom Stol, Triple Jim and Canary needed to get inside the Castle before being forced to retreat by Grujios' psychic projections. Death in the Demonic Castle in the Sky Instead they returned to the nearby Elie, where with help from Rod Drill they were able to cajole Canary's father Pylon into intervening, using his access to a small black hole to suck Grujios and his troops into another dimension. The Demonic Castle - Farewell Grujios Falcon Robo was among the controlled population of Cleo City The Heart of a Protecting Angel, and later Java's villagers who were captured by Diondra. There he managed to make a break for freedom and set off to find help; while he was shot down by Devil Rock, Geiger Rock and Double Rock in Rock Commanders. However, he was rescued by Rom, Jet and Drill, who helped free the other villagers Rockgiran versus Rockdon

Falcon Robo was later based at Emerald City, helping defend the city from the Gyandlar. Gather All Machine Robo He was one of the Jet Tribe troops who airlifted Rom and others to Vira in order to retrieve Metal Laster for Leina and the city's children Knight of the Devil's Mountain, Mask Rock, helped Big Shuttle Robo land safely after he was damaged by Baldas and Gildis Baikanfu Disappears in Space and later led a team to find Rod Drill and his missing group in the valley of the Fossil Men, attacking the Varigale-X when they happened across it. Secret Valley of the Fossil Men During the assault on the Gyandlar mothership Power Riser, Break Through the Enemy! he followed Blue Jet into the ship after an opening was created by the terminally-damaged Battle Gyror Baikanfu - Cry of Anger! and fought the Gyandlar inside. The Final Battle of Cronos

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Katsumi Suzuki

After the Machine Robo left Cronos and passed a dimensional gateway they re-emerged as the citizens of the Algo Republic on Electronic Planet B-1 with no memory of their previous adventures; Falcon Robo became a member of the White Thunder team in the Algo Army. When the Good Luck entered the planet's atmosphere RIM ordered Eagle Robo, Phantom Robo and Falcon Robo to launch in order to investigate. Burning Electronic Planet He later followed Mach Blaster to the Good Luck when the humans Luke Stewart and Akira Amachi attempted to return to the vessel in Riser Suits. While Mach Blaster rescued them - and fellow survivors Patricia Longfellow and Zen Ogawa - Falcon Robo and the other White Thunder troopers gave covering fire. Heavy Wind, Mach Blaster! After Akira was kidnapped from Crystal City by Gurendos agents, Falcon Robo joined the air portion of the search. Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy He was among the White Thunder reinforcements called in by Blue Jet to help drive back the Gurendos forces surrounding B-1's electronic furnace, helping drive off Sorikondar's forces. Save the Electronic Furnace of Death! He was one of the reinforcements taken by Blue Jet to help the pinned-down Battle Hackers but a lightning storm generated by Sorikondar prevented them getting through. R. JeTan! Run! Falcon Robo was part of a large coordinated Algo Army counter-offensive, which was ultimately successful, Quickly, Gattai Saurer! and helped frustrate the Gurendos' forest campaign. Riser! Power Up!

Toys[edit | edit source]


Machine Robo[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Series[edit | edit source]

  • Falcon Robo (1985)
    • ID number: MR-49
    • Accessories: none
Falcon Robo was the 49th figure in Bandai's Machine Robo Series and transforms from robot to General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighter. The colour scheme is influenced - but not quite accurate to - the scheme used by the USAF's Thunderbirds display team, who used the F-16 around the time the toy was released. The figure features an unusual transformation, with the rear fuselage splitting in half and rotating outwards to form his legs. Strangely, despite it being possible, the Japanese instructions do not show the outer wing panels folding back into the body as the American version does. Falcon Robo has limited shoulder articulation. Like the rest of the range, the figure retailed at ¥600.

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Series[edit | edit source]

  • Falcon Robo (1986)
    • ID number: MRJ-2
    • Accessories: none
Falcon Robo was reissued for the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos toyline in updated packaging. The figure was assigned to the Jet Tribe, and featured no changes from the original Japanese release.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • For Ashi Productions' series, Falcon Robo was given an updated character model featuring a bulb-like helmet for the robot head. While this was meant to be transparent it was often coloured as opaque, making the character appear to have a featureless head.