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Gattai Saurer (ガッタイザウラー) is the combined form of Header, Abarar, Legger and Taildar.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit | edit source]


The Fossil Men of Cronos were guardians of the Wolf Sword that made up part of the Hyribead, and revealed this to Rom Stol after observing his efforts to stop the Gyandlar steal a fake version. The real sword was in the chest of Gattai Saurer, and the Fossil Men joined Rom's Machine Robo forces stationed at the Battle Base. Secret Valley of the Fossil Men When the Machine Robo began their assault on Gadess' flagship Gattai Saurer was a key part of the assault Mighty Fortress, Heavenly Sword - Jet Don't Die! - smashing open the hull so the main forces could swarm in. The Final Battle of Cronos

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Ken Yamaguchi

After the Machine Robo left Cronos and passed a dimensional gateway they re-emerged as the citizens of the Algo Republic on Electronic Planet B-1, where the four members of Gattai Saurer were part of the Battle Hackers, a misfit unit of the Algo Army's forces in the battle against the Gurendos led by R. JeTan. The group largely amused themselves either shooting around on their hoverboards or just sitting around their base not really doing anything. They did later combine to help break through a building where the Gurendos spies Kizune and Gantsuke, who had kidnapped the team's human ally Akira Amachi. Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy During a battle on a crucial bridge outside Crystal City, Gattai Saurer used his tail to knock both Sorikondar and Kariagen. Jet Riser - Full Fire! He later helped drive off Kariagen, allowing R. JeTan, Garzack and Jeep Robo to return Crystalium rods to a power station before it destroyed a chunk of B-1. Crystalium Recovery Operation After Patricia Longfellow accidentally placed an empty Saur Thunder cartridge back in the armoury and it was taken for a major assault on the Gurendos, Gattai Saurer adapted quickly by simply using his massive size and strength to smash apart the enemy armoured vehicles. However, when he found that Patricia had tried to get ammunition to him in a Power Riser suit and had been caught by Devil Satan 6. The two giants clashed, with Gattai Saurer victorious and Patricia safe. Quickly, Gattai Saurer!


After an unsuccessful attempt to recover electromagnetic missiles from Yasand, Gattai Saurer held off the Gurendos army so Drill Crusher could contact RIM with a warning. Target: Grand Whale Ultimately Crystal City was hit hard by the warheads and Gattai Saurer joined the team charged with fetching a device to reactivate the numerous Machine Robo affected. The convoy came under heavy attack on the return to the Grand Whale, and Gattai Saurer once again fought a holding action so Drill Crusher, Akira and Twincam Jimmy could continue to Crystal City. Let's Do It! During a pitched battle in the desert of B-1, Gattai Saurer provided cover while Akira, Mia and Luke could take over a Gurendos tank and turn it on their own forces. Hot Sand Battle, Hurry Jet! He was later part of the assault on the Gurendos' home base in Blood Country. Goodbye - Battle Forever


Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend[edit | edit source]

Gattai Saurer and the other Battle Hackers thanked Rom Stol for his help on B-1 before heading off to parts unknown. Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II

Toys[edit | edit source]


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers[edit | edit source]

  • Gattai Saurer (1987)
    • ID number: BH-04
    • Accessories: Saur Thunder, Gun, chest armour front part, chest armour rear part, head armour (2), arm armour (2), upper leg armour (2), lower leg armour (2), Header's gun, Abarar's gun, Legger's gun, Taildar's gun
Gattai Saurer was released in Bandai's Machine Robo: Battle Hackers toyline in 1987, and is the combined form of Header, Abarar, Legger and Taildar. While the four figures are capable of combining into a functional dinosaur the 10 pieces of included silver plastic armour and two large weapons complete the look; the individuals' weapons do not play any part in the combined mode. Gattai Saurer has articulation in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, knees and tail. The larger Saur Thunder gun can fire BB-type pellets. The figure was only available as a set, retailing at ¥3980.

Notes[edit | edit source]

First prototype
Second prototype, in Fossil Men colours
  • Gattai Saurer, like Fossilsaurus, had a convoluted and sometimes opaque route to the toy shelves. The same bone-coloured version advertised for Rock Lords in the West during 1986 was initially advertised in catalogues for the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos Rock Robo figures but was never released in that form.
  • Adding to the fun, in the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon Gattai Saurer had a different colour scheme again, which was mainly green. A prototype of this version was produced as well, adding the first attempt at the armour that would be part of the eventual release, though at this stage it was still quite different.
  • Instead a recoloured version with newly-created armour (and what appears to be some retooling around the connection between Header and Abarar, which does not seem to use the fists of the former as connectors in the original) was released as part of the Battle Hackers line. It is possible that the toy was simply not ready for production before Revenge of Cronos was over and was recoloured and tweaked to fit in more with Battle Hackers more futuristic style.
  • The Gattai Saurer team get one of the more extreme shifts in personality from the dimensional journey, from the mystical wise Fossil Men to four slacker thugs.