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Fossilsaurus is a Rock Lord combiner from Quartex. He is the combined form of the Fossil Lords Jaw Bone, Rib Cage, Hip Bone and Tail Bone. Fossilsaurus fights on the side of the Good Rock Lords.



Rock Lords[edit]

  • Fossilsaurus (Rock Lords, 1986)
    • Fossil Lord Combiner
    • Accessories: Jaw Bone's gun, Rib Cage's gun, Hip Bone's gun, Tail Bone's gun
Fossilsaurus would have been released as a giftset in the Rock Lords line by Tonka, consisting of Jaw Bone, Rib Cage, Hip Bone and Tail Bone, who could combine to form a huge skeletal dinosaur-type monster. Fossilsaurus would have required no additional parts to combine.
*Not available in stores

This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Robo Machine[edit]

  • Fossilsaurus (Rock Lords, 1987)
    • Prehistoric Monster
    • Accessories: Large gun, Small gun, chest armour front part, chest armour rear part, head armour (2), arm armour (2), upper leg armour (2), lower leg armour (2), Head's gun, Torso's gun, Legs' gun, Tail's gun
Fossilsaurus was released as a single large set in the Robo Machine toyline in Europe, and was among the last releases in the line. The toy was a straight import of the Machine Robo: Battle Hackers Gattai Saurer figure, likely being repackaged overstock. As such the toy features numerous changes from the planned Rock Lords version, including some retooling, additional armour and weapons and a completely different colour scheme, but is identical to the Japanese release - even keeping the firing pellet cannon. The box uses the general design and photography of the Japanese release, and the Rock Lords version's planned names are not used for the individual members, who are simply referred to as Head, Torso, Legs and Tail.


  • The reasons for Fossilsaurus' cancellation as part of the Rock Lords line are not clear. The toy was solicited in several catalogues and Jaw Bone was even featured as the Fossil Lord character in GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords. It may have been that Tonka realised the individual release of the four figures, with no alternate mode beyond forming an abstract part of a dinosaur that was useless without the other members, was not a sound commercial move and that a giftset-only release was not viable - the high-ticket Stonehead set was advertised and cancelled around the same time. However, as Gattai Saurer featured some adjustments before being released in Japan it may have been that there was some sort of structural or engineering problem, and by the time Bandai had corrected this it was too late for the toy to come out under the Rock Lords line.
  • A European catalogue also pictured a sort of ride-on motor part like a huge cumbersome version of the bases included with the Secret Riders, which was dropped ahead of Gattai Saurer.
  • An even earlier version of Fossilsaurus with a less unified colour scheme was advertised in some catalogues.