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The Good Luck was a human spaceship.


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]


During a routine flight the Good Luck suffered a huge malfunction that wiped out most of the crew when it crossed a wormhole. The ship's computers then guided it in to land on the nearby Electronic Planet B-1; it was spotted by Shuttle Robo, who alerted RIM and the rest of the Algo Army, while it was also picked up by the Gurendos. Both groups scrambled teams to investigate the craft when it landed on a small settlement in the Algo Republic outside Crystal City. After the ship landed the system awakened the humans in suspended animation - crew members Luke Stewart, Akira Amachi and Mia White, as well as the stowaway Patricia Longfellow. By then the ship had already been infiltrated by Gurendos soldiers and the group were menaced by Kariagen. The group fled to the armoury but found their weapons to make no impression, with Luke instead covering the group to head to the ship's escape shuttles. Those were useless as well but Luke, Akira and Mia were rescued by the Silver Wolves Pro Truck Racer and Drill Crusher, though Patricia was unintentionally left behind. Burning Electronic Planet

While the humans were evacuated to Crystal City, Luke and Akira decided to steal the Riser Suits to return to the ship and find Patricia. Jet Riser! Scramble! A fifth survivor, Zen Ogawa, woke up to find the ship still crawling with Gurendos but was able to free Patricia, and the pair were eventually taken to safety by Luke, Akira and a White Thunder team led by Mach Blaster. Akira also retrieved the ship's black box, and after the group returned to the Grand Whale they found out the true extent of the disaster. Heavy Wind, Mach Blaster! Mia and Patricia later returned to the ship in Power Risers in an attempt to return to Earth. They found it to be too badly damaged to fly again and after the Battle Hackers rescued the pair from the Gurendos still occupying the ship. R. JeTan and Pro Truck Racer subsequently destroyed the ship to prevent its' use by the Gurendos. Return to the Good Luck

Other Crew[edit]