Special Command - Destroy RIM

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 25
"Special Command - Destroy RIM"
("tokushu shirei RIM wo hakai seyo")
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate November 18, 1987
Written by Nobuaki Kishima
Directed by Shigeto Makino

Gakurandar gives Shinobis and Igarn a mission - destroy RIM!

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


At the Gurendos base in Blood Country, Gakurandar shows Dylan his new troops Shinobis and Igarn, with which he plans to target and destroy the Algo Army computer RIM and thus cripple their defence. At the Grand Whale the Battle Hackers are performing maintenance, though the Gattai Saurer team's efforts are met with amusement by Akira and Mia. Meanwhile Gakurandar spots Tough Trailer and Land Giant 32 on a supply run; the ninjas are able to sneak onboard the latter, using their camouflage ability to avoid detection from the guarding Rod Drill and even the scanners used by Blue Jet when the convoy arrives at the Grand Whale. Luke comes close to spotting them but is ultimately fooled too. R. JeTan and Pro Truck Racer also think they hear something but do not ultimately detect the Gurendos. They follow Missile Tank Robo and New Shinkansen Robo, and are able to find a blueprint of the Space Whale in their quarters, showing them exactly where RIM is. Elsewhere in the base, Luke gets some target practice in with Mach Blaster, using the Battle Riser. He again believes he sees Igarn and this time, following Mach Blaster's coaching, follows his instinct and nearly hits the spy. Igarn attacks as Luke raises the alarm, with RIM issuing an alert.


New Shinkansen Robo and Missile Tank Robo scramble, unaware that Shinobis is in their quarters. Meanwhile the Battle Hackers arrive at the shooting range to help Luke and Mach Blaster, who are finding Igarn a hard target due to its' agility. Igarn then releases smoke bombs and disappears when Pro Truck Racer tries to shoot him but R. JeTan's targeting computer is able to spot it and destroy the infiltrator. Shinobis meanwhile sneaks past the Mecha Rock on guard as it approaches RIM's systems; however, the computer's defence sensors detect the him. RIM issues another alert but is unable to destroy the nimble intruder. The Battle Hackers rush towards the source of the alarm. Over the bridge Gakurandar has formed up a huge Gurendos army that's spotted by Blackbird Robo. Back in the Grand Whale the Battle Hackers and Winner Robo arrive in the bridge before Shinobis can throw an acid bomb at RIM. However he disappears again. R. JeTan gets RIM to turn the lights off, once again allowing him to use his targeting system to spot and shoot the enemy. Shinobis then tries to make a suicide run on RIM but is hit by Mach Blaster's jets, which blows the acid in the bomb over the Gurendos, melting and killing him. With RIM safe, the Battle Hackers, Winner Robo, Silver Wolves and White Thunder are able to co-ordinate a huge assault to route Gakurandar's army, with R. JeTan beating the Gurendos leader in single combat before he escapes with Kariagen.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • After teasing the Gattai Saurer team, Mia breaks the fourth wall and winks at the audience.
  • R. JeTan is shown being recharged by a green ray on the Grand Whale.
  • Following the events of last episode, Buggy Wolf has unceremoniously returned to life in true anti-climactic Machine Robo style.
  • When the Battle Hackers reach the target range Rom Stol is very briefly visible with them.
  • Shinobis and Igarn use incredibly cool explosive scotch tape.
  • Luke compares the assassin to ninjas, which is fitting what with a shinobi being another word for ninja and Igarn being an ancient ninja province.
  • Mia drives Drag Sam into battle. That's his life insurance gone up.

Home video releases[edit | edit source]


2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)