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Shinobis (シノビス) is an assassin in the Gurendos army.

He can cloak himself from most scanners, and works with Igarn.



Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

After a series of failures, Dylan lambasted Gakurandar for his failures. However, he revealed a scheme to destroy RIM and cripple the Algo Army, using Shinobis and Igarn. The pair were able to get onboard Land Giant 32 without being detected, and get past the Grand Whale's scanners as well as Blue Jet and Rod Drill. They then split up; while Igarn was spotted by Luke Stewart and Mach Blaster in the base's shooting range, Shinobis was able to evade Missile Tank Robo and New Shinkansen Robo, stealing schematics of Grand Whale. While Igarn was destroyed by R. JeTan, Shinobis was able to slip past Mecha Rock on guard and get onto the bridge of the Grand Whale, preparing to throw an acid bomb at RIM. The Battle Hackers then arrived, and R. JeTan detected Shinobis. However, before he could be shot Shinobis made a break for the computer - only to be stunned by Mach Blaster's jets. This knocked Shinobis over, and the acid bomb fell on him, melting the Gurendos. Special Command - Destroy RIM


  • His name comes from shinobi, an alternate term for a ninja.