Drill Crusher's Wrath

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 14
"Drill Crusher's Wrath"
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate September 2, 1987
Written by Hiroshi Ohnogi
Directed by Naoyoshi Kusaka

Drill Crusher adopts an idiot and goes up against Yasand.

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


The Gurendos are beginning to take over the minds of Machine Robo; Steam Robo nearly deserts and punches Akira in the face when the human, Combat Buggy and Kempō Robo try to stop him. Kempō Robo removes the mind control device. RIM briefs the Algo Army on this new threat, once again extolling the virtues of Baikanfu. Rod Drill leads out a squad of Silver Wolves, watched by the Wheelmen. They complain to Drill Crusher and the injured Akira that they're stuck on guard duty in Crystal City while R. JeTan and Mach Blaster set out on patrol. Meanwhile security is increased in the city, much to the irritation of Mia. Nevertheless a punk named Masa sneaks into the city and attacks Drill Crusher. He easily beats him and Masa begs for help - however, he is being watched by a trooper who reports back to the Gurendos captain Yasand. Masa leads Drill Crusher into a rough area of town, where he is ambushed. He easily deals with the trooper who attacks him, much to Masa's delight. However, they are attacked by mind-controlled Machine Robo. Yasand then appears, telling Drill Crusher he is behind the scheme. He leaves them both to be attacked by the hoard of controlled citizens but they escape. Masa gets away and finds out where the Gurendos are distributing the devices from in a run-down area of town, following a Teppo Daman to an underground lair.


Masa finds Yasand is placing the control devices on Machine Robo, who then do the same to others. He is spotted before he can leave the hide-out and hit by Yasand but manages to give the troops sent after him the slip by dropping into a sewer. Meanwhile Drill Crusher is out with a recovered Akira when Masa finds them. He collapses in Drill Crusher's arms after asking if he has what it takes to be a Battle Hacker and is made an honorary member before dying of his wounds. Devastated, Drill Crusher swears vengeance, fighting through the guards with the help of Akira in the Jet Riser and confronting Yasand. However, he withstands their attacks and escapes outside the city, where a large army of Sitappa and Teppodaman troops stand ready to attack in the chaos called by the control devices. However, he has been followed by R. JeTan, who blows up Yasand's prized limo, and the Battle Hackers - summoned by Drill Crusher to get revenge for Masa. While the rest of the team make short work of the Gurendos troopers Drill Crusher battles Yasand. He eventually gains the upper hand but the Gurendos escapes; however R. JeTan tells Drill Crusher that by defeating the Gurendos army and foiling the invasion they have already honoured Masa's memory.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first appearance of Yasand.
  • Masa's design is very Gurendos style, presumably to add to the intrigue over whether he's sincere or not.
  • As a treat there are two different sources of Baikanfu footage - fighting Black in "Legend of the Elmedia Hero" and Giant Guilder in "Sending Love to the Horizon". Rom Stol is visible this time.
  • One of the mind-controlled Machine Robo has a baseball bat with a nail through it, which is a fantastic weapon for a robot to have.
  • An off-model Kina can also be briefly seen in the crowd.
  • Yasand's limo has a Mercedes badge (a make often closely associated with the Yakuza) and Bi-Bi-Bi Black as a chauffeur. His cigarette is a gun, and his parasol is a shield that fires razors.
  • As such the episode is clearly a kid-friendly take on the dangers of organised crime filling poor areas with drugs, but instead of drugs using mind-control chips to get the thing into a cartoon about robot toys.
  • There appears to be a prostitute in the downtown area. You don't get that in Challenge of the GoBots.
  • Harley Robo tries to take control of a weird Cronos Tribe-looking couple in a park.
  • This is a really strange episode. But in a good way.

Home video releases[edit | edit source]


2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)