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Eagle Winner (イーグルウィナー), also known as Jetter Robo, is a Machine Robo who fights for the Algo Republic on the Electronic Planet B-1.

He is a member of the Winner Robo.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Nobuyuki Furuta

Along with Roboshooter Gaiden and the rest of the Winner Robo, Jetter Robo returned to the Algo Republic just in time to rescue the Blue Dragons, who were attempting to free enslaved miners from the Gurendos when they were ambushed by enemy troops. The groups then linked up with the Battle Hackers and the Winner Robo's speed was crucial to freeing the workers from the yoke of Kariagen. A New Machine Robo Team Appears! Jetter Robo and his friends then joined up with the Battle Hackers. He and Akira Amachi, piloting the Jet Riser, scouted ahead after reports the Gurendos had built a super-cannon on the other side of a huge valley. However, the device was protected by an aerial minefield and after Akira rashly blew one of the devices up they were both damaged. Jetter Robo was able to patch himself up with parts from the Jet Riser in time to save Dirt Robo from falling down the valley and also get a Battle Rock captured by the Gurendos to safety while the Winner Robo destroyed the superweapon. Dangerous Grand Whale

Along with the other Winner Robo he played a key role in preventing a meltdown at a furnace in the Algo Republic and save the workforce from destruction, though the team were damaged by the heat of the control room in the process. Save the Electronic Furnace of Death! After recovering, Jetter Robo returned to service. Riser! Power Up! When the Battle Hackers were sent by RIM to investigate a mysterious entity killing miners under B-1, Jetter Robo and his team-mates rashly decided to intervene and were enveloped by the sludge, needing to be saved by Drill Crusher.Break Through the End of the Earth He later participating in a gruelling battle against a Gurendos army led by Kariagen in the desert. Hot Sand Battle, Hurry Jet! He was later part of the Battle Hackers' plan to destroy a new Gurendos mobile base under the command of Shibumidas and Rikimines; while the huge vehicle was destroyed Mach Blaster was captured. Captive Mach Blaster He then took part in the team's rescue attempt in Blood Country. Goodbye - Battle Forever

Toys[edit | edit source]


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers[edit | edit source]

  • Eagle Winner (Winner Robo, 1988)
    • ID number: W-06
    • Accessories: none
Eagle Winner was released in Bandai's Machine Robo: Battle Hackers toyline in 1988, and converts from robot to McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle jet fighter. As a Winner Robo, the toy's conversion is semi-automatic - pressing a button on the underside of the vehicle causes it to pop into robot mode; it is also fitted with Hot Wheels-style wheels and can interact with the Roboshooter Gaiden track playset. In Eagle Winner's case the wings have to be folded out manually, while his F-15 mode has four inaccurate wheels on the bottom - though they're still arguably more graceful than those of Eagle Robo. Despite this it still retains diecast parts and some arm movement.
  • Like the other Winner Robo, Eagle Winner was not released outside of Japan.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While the figure's box names it as Eagle Winner, the character sticker inside names it as Jetter Robo, as does the cartoon.
  • The prototype of Eagle Winner was substantially different to the released version, with more prominent shoulders (which were retained for the animation model) and what look like automatically converting wings. The reasons for the change to the less impressive reality are unclear.
  • In the cartoon Jetter Robo sometimes has his jet mode portrayed as accurate F-15 and sometimes had the yellow underside and wheels of the toy.
  • He also tends to lose the ability to fly or disappear altogether when his presence would mess up the plot.