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Buggy Wolf (バギーウルフ) is a Machine Robo. He is one of the Wheelmen and thus among the fastest Machine Robo thanks to his straight-4 engine, which has an output of 1100 horsepower and can push him to speeds of 788kmph.

While jovial, he is capable of traversing rough terrain at high speeds and is a valued shock trooper. In vehicle mode he can deploy a Beam Cannon, and in robot mode he can use a Knee Crush attack.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Hōchū Ōtsuka, Kenichi Ono

Buggy Wolf was part of the Wheelmen, a subteam of the Algo Army's Silver Wolves team. He was part of the team scrambled to the arrival of the Good Luck on Electronic Planet B-1. He impetuously tried to join Pro Truck Racer, Drill Crusher and F-One Jack inside the ship but found his path blocked by Sorikondar and was only saved by the intervention of Pro Truck Racer. Jet Riser! Scramble! Along with Pro Truck Racer, the Wheelmen backed up Mach Blaster's attempt to fight back to the ship in order to rescue Patricia Longfellow and Zen Ogawa. Heavy Wind, Mach Blaster! Patricia and Zen both squeezed into Buggy Wolf when the Wheelmen came under attack from a large force of Gurendos led Gakurandar and Kariagen, who drove them into a trap set by Sorikondar and Suji. The human's reflexes saved Jack from one projectile but the group were boxed in by the trap - before being saved by R. JeTan and the Battle Hackers. Strongest Warrior - R.JeTan! The Wheelmen later helped save Akira from Devil Satan 6 after he impulsively set out alone in the Jet Riser and uncovered a plan to destroy the important bridge to Crystal City. Jet Riser - Full Fire! The Wheelmen later switched from the Silver Wolves to the Battle Hackers. Return to the Good Luck Buggy Wolf was part of the ground effort to recover Garzack's Garfire-SP after it was captured by Sorikondar. Stolen Garfire-SP


Buggy Wolf later joined in the Wheelmen's general attempts to terrify and/or annoy Patricia, with one of his contributions to be to have her unwilling "drive" him during a race against Hot Rod Joe (driven by Akira) and F-One Jack. Rotary Kid and Twincam Jimmy After the Battle Hackers were ambushed by the Gurendos in space above B-1 he was part of the team that stormed their ship. Crystalium Recovery Operation After many of the residents of Crystal City came under the control of a Gurendos satellite he helped escort Akira, Luke, Mia, Patricia and Zen to the rest of the Battle Hackers so they could stop the broadcasts. Destroy the Fortress Satellite After numerous casualties were caused by Yasand firing electromagnetic missiles at Crystal City he showed a kinder side, taking the deeply upset Patricia to a peaceful area of B-1 to pick flowers in order to take her mind off the battle. He later returned as another missile was launched at R. JeTan, shoving his leader out of the way and being struck by one of the particles himself. The Flower of Hope Blooming on the Battlefield She was devastated and Ambulance Robo was at a loss at how to revive him; thankfully the Battle Hackers and Akira were able to fetch a device that restored the casualties Let's Do It! and returned Buggy Wolf to service. Special Command - Destroy RIM Buggy Wolf then worked with the Battle Hackers as they infiltrated and destroyed a huge mobile Gurendos base; however, Mach Blaster was captured after sacrificing himself to buy the rest of the team time to escape, much to Akira's distress. Captive Mach Blaster He later joined the Battle Hackers' raid on the Gurendos' Blood Country headquarters, infiltrating the tunnels below and helping rescue Mach Blaster. Goodbye - Battle Forever

Toys[edit | edit source]


Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos[edit | edit source]

Wheelmen[edit | edit source]

  • Buggy Wolf (1987)
    • ID number: MRBH-3
    • Accessories: none
Buggy Wolf was the 3rd figure in Bandai's Wheelmen series issued in the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos toyline, converting from dune buggy to robot. The toy features a friction motor in vehicle mode, rubber tyres and a large proportion of diecast, with the engine detailing emphasised. Buggy Wolf has good articulation for his age and size, with movement at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. He came with a sticker sheet of racing car decals; these were identical across the releases and could be applied wherever the buyer wanted, to fit in with the custom car vibe. Initially the sheets included real racing sponsors, including Elf, Shell, Texaco, Marlboro, Lucky Strike and Bridgestone; at some point this was replaced by a sheet instead featuring bowdlerised versions of the same names, presumably in reaction to some sort of legal issue. The legal issue does not seem to be that a children's toy featured cigarette branding.
  • The figure was never released outside of Japan.