Return to the Good Luck

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 7
"Return to the Good Luck"
("GUDDORAKKU gou ni modore")
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate July 15, 1987
Written by Nobuaki Kishima
Directed by Shinji Takahashi

Mia gets tired of life on B-1.

"Lost in Translation"

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


Luke and Mia discuss Akira joining the Battle Hackers, with Zen and Patricia watching. Mia wonders if it will take his mind off their hopes of finding out what happened to the Good Luck and how they will make it back to Earth, angrily yelling at Luke before leaving the apartment. Patricia follows to try and calm her down. Investigating, they find Power Riser suits and try them on. The next morning Zen tells Luke both are missing. Meanwhile Akira is patrolling in the Jet Riser with Mach Blaster, with Drill Crusher and the Wheelmen having also joined the Battle Hackers. Mia and Patricia find their path to the Good Luck blocked by a Sitappa sentry post. They capture one of the guards and order him to show them a safe path through the defences; however, he escapes and Patricia jogs Mia's aim. Instead they are forced to climb around the outpost, and manage to get to the ship before the alarm is raised. Sorikondar nevertheless gathers his soldiers to find them both. Luke and Zen meet with the Battle Hackers and tell them that Mia and Patricia are missing, suspecting they are heading towards the Good Luck. Akira and Mach Blaster begin a search in the air while Pro Truck Racer and the Wheelmen cover the ground with the two humans onboard.


Akira and Mach Blaster soon arrive over the Good Luck and begin attacking the Gurendos guards. Sorikondar hears the alarm as he searches the ship for Mia and Patricia. Outside Drill Crusher, Gattai Saurer and the Wheelmen join the assault, the distraction helping Mia and Patricia get to the main computer of the Good Luck. They find the engines are too badly damaged for the ship to get them off-planet; Mia is devastated despite Patricia's efforts to raise her spirits. Both are then found by Kariagen but Akira and Mach Blaster arrive in time to save the pair. The three humans escape in their Riser Suits while Mach Blaster fights Kariagen. Meanwhile Sorikondar and his men are having little luck against the fast Wheelmen, just as Kariagen is finding Mach Blaster's agility hard to deal with. When Drill Crusher joins the fight Kariagen bolts, leaving the pair of Battle Hackers to deal with his troopers - who are easily wiped out by Gattai Saurer. Pro Truck Racer is watching from a distance with R. JeTan when they spot Gurendos reinforcements; the latter is able to drop a giant tree on them after using his robo-jet form. The Battle Hackers get Mia and Patricia to safety before Pro Truck Racer and R. JeTan destroy the Good Luck to prevent it falling into Gurendos hands. Mia accepts this with good spirit and reconciles with Luke, saying she knows the Battle Hackers will try to find them a way home.

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2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)