Heavy Wind, Mach Blaster!

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 3
"Heavy Wind, Mach Blaster!"
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate June 17, 1987
Written by Nobuaki Kishima
Directed by Shinji Takahashi

Akira and Luke find an ally - Mach Blaster.

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


The Silver Wolves Pro Truck Racer, Drill Crusher and the Wheelmen set off after Akira Amachi and Luke Stewart following their theft of the Riser Suits to rescue Patricia Longfellow from the Good Luck, news of which is relayed to the White Thunder members Blue Jet and Mach Blaster by RIM. Blue Jet tries to stop Mach Blaster from joining them, believing it to be too dangerous. He argues with RIM over this decision and shoves his way out of the base anyway, followed by Eagle Robo, Falcon Robo and others. Meanwhile the Gurendos continue to explore the Good Luck, unaware that one of the crew is still in suspended animation - the young Zen Ogawa wakes up to find Kariagen and Sitappa troops swarming around ship. Patricia is still trapped onboard the damaged shuttle in the wrecked bay of the Good Luck until Zen frees her. She explains what's been happening and the pair try to work out what to do next. Outside, Akira and Luke arrive but are spotted by a Gurendos Teppodaman trooper and come under heavy fire. Akira takes off in the Jet Riser to fight the Uwappas but is hit. As he heads towards the ground Mach Blaster appears and catches the Jet Riser while the other White Thunder troops attack the Gurendos. Inside the Good Luck Zen and Patricia are moving through the ship's ventilation system to avoid the Gurendos. She reveals that she isn't even meant to be on the ship in the first place, having sneaked onboard before the voyage.


As the White Thunder group resupplies Akira and Luke tell Mach Blaster what they were trying to do in the first place. Akira's attitude annoys Mach Blaster too, resulting in the Machine Robo throwing him in a bush but ultimately agrees to help them get back to the ship. Blackbird Robo spots for Mach Blaster, Eagle Robo, Phantom Robo and the Jet Riser, who use the cover of clouds to sneak up to the ship while Falcon Robo leads Cessna Robo, Heli Transer, Harrier Robo and the Battle Riser in a ground assault. They make short work of the Sitappas guarding the outside of the Good Luck, allowing Mach Blaster and the Jet Riser to enter the ship. They split up to search faster. Zen and Patricia are discovered by the Gurendos but are found in the nick of time by Mach Blaster, who tells them he's a friend of Akira and Luke. Akira meanwhile recovers the black box from the Good Luck but is caught by Kariagen. The Gurendos is still damaged after his run-in with Pro Truck Racer and the battle is even before Akira decides to make a break for it, with Mach Blaster also leaving the Good Luck with Patricia and Zen onboard. They meet back up with Eagle Robo and Phantom Robo but a huge force of Teppodamans blocks their way. However, the Gurendos troopers then come under fire from Pro Truck Racer and his team, allowing the Machine Robo to escape. Back in the Algo Republic, RIM chastises Mach Blaster and Pro Truck Racer for going against orders. while the humans examine the black box and find the Good Luck was sucked through a warp, with the rest of the crew disappearing, seemingly vaporised. The group are devastated, and unsure how they will ever make it back to Earth.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Machine Robo Gurendos Humans

Notes[edit | edit source]

IDW name: Gurzurk

Home video releases[edit | edit source]


2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)