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The Teppodaman (テッポダマン) is a mass-produced unit used by the Gurendos on Electronic Planet B-1. They handle airborne operations and are armed with wrist-mounted blasters.

Like Sitappas they get wiped out in absolutely gigantic numbers.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]

Large numbers were used by Gakurandar and Kariagen in their pursuit of the Wheelmen but when the Battle Hackers turned up to help most of them were destroyed. Strongest Warrior - R.JeTan! Another cohort or two were obliterated during an attempt to blow up the main bridge into Crystal City. Jet Riser - Full Fire! When a patrol led by Garzack was pinned down and Akira Amachi tried to break out in the Jet Riser but was shot down by Teppodamans. Stolen Garfire-SP Another squad tried to get Rotary Kid with aerial mines but were once again wiped out en masse when R. JeTan and company turned up. Rotary Kid and Twincam Jimmy They were later used to drive Rotary Kid, Twincam Jimmy, Akira and Zen into a junkyard and trap them. Muddy Duel More were wiped out when Sorikondar attempted to trap the Battle Hackers once again. R. JeTan! Run! The units then helped Yasand steal electromagnetic missiles from the Algo Army The Stolen Secret Weapon and get them into firing positions around Crystal City. Target: Grand Whale After the Battle Hackers finally stopped the launches Teppodamans attempted to get Gakurandar, Yasand and Suji to safety but were shot down by Gattai Saurer. The Flower of Hope Blooming on the Battlefield More of them tried to harass the convoy bringing a device to restore those knocked out by the missiles back into commission. Again, they were blown up in huge numbers. Let's Do It!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Teppodaman is derived from the term "Teppodama" (鉄砲弾), "bullet".