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If he got the Matrix he'd become Amazon Prime.

Amazon Rock (アマゾンロック) is one of the Rock People from Cronos, in the service of the Gyandlar.

He is 2.05 metres tall, weights 0.94 tons and has a hardness of 11 due to being made of space malachite. However, Amazon Rock's most potent ability might be his control over the element of water - he is able to cause rain and floods at will, and can also use his Death Harpoon to rapidly stir water into whirlpools. Or the cold-blooded Gyandlar Rock can just throw it at the good guys, whichever fits the situation.


Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

Under the command of Ashura and along with Devil Rock, Double Rock and Bloody Rock, Amazon Rock ambushed Rom Stol and a team of Machine Robo on patrol, thanks to information from Grujios - who had infiltrated the Battle Base in a copy of Battle Gyror's body. The attack killed Skyline Robo. Raise Your Gun, Heli Transer! Later Amazon Rock, Bloody Rock and Sand Rock were the Gyandlar charged with ensuring the Wheelmen betrayed Rom's forces. F-One Jack feigned damage to meet up with them but the trio were furious when he informed them the Wheelmen wouldn't be following through on the deal. Luckily for Jack, Rom and Pro Truck Racer had suspected something was up and stayed behind, easily dispatching the Gyandlar Rocks. Full Power, Wheelmen!



Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos[edit]

Rock Robo[edit]

  • Amazon Rock (1986)
    • ID number: MRGR-4
    • Accessories: Death Harpoon
Amazon Rock was one of the Rock Robo in the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos toyline, and coverts from robot to space malachite rock. Even by Rock Robo standards, Amazon Rock has excellent articulation, with movement at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees.
  • The same figure was issued as Stoneheart in Rock Lords by Tonka, with a modified colour scheme - the Japanese version is lighter, though you wouldn't really notice unless you had them side-by-side. It is unclear which version of the figure was released first.


  • Amazon Rock's name reveals the source of his design inspiration: the film Creature from the Black Lagoon was released in Japan as Dai Amazon no Hangyojin (大アマゾンの半魚人, "Fishman of the Great Amazon", as in the river where the Creature originates). Subsequently, Japanese media latched onto using the word "Amazon" in association with approximations of the Creature, such as "The Amazon" in the NES game Pro Wrestling and Amazon Rock here.
  • Unusually for a Gyandlar Rock, he seems to die and not actually come back.