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Popy (ポピー) was a Japanese toy manufacturer, span off from Bandai in 1971 to explore the area of licenced toys. In this field they were incredibly successful, initiating the Popynica line of vehicles with their Kamen Rider Mini Cyclone toy and then the Chogokin line of robots with Mazinger Z. Using a mix of diecast zinc alloy and ABS plastic their figures were hugely innovative and successful, and are still seen as the gold standard of robot toys by many collectors. Of note is their 1977 figure of Raideen, considered to be the first-ever transforming robot toy. Figures from Chogokin and Popynica were imported to America, firstly as Shogun Warriors by Mattel and then as GoDaiKin by Bandai themselves.

As the golden age of Super Robots began to wane in the early 1980s Popy began to explore other areas beyond licencing, including starting the Machine Robo toyline in 1982. Despite this success Popy were reabsorbed by Bandai in March 1983, where most of their lines - including Machine Robo - continued. The Popy design studio became PLEX, an independent operation that nevertheless has maintained very close ties to Bandai and designed the vast majority of subsequent Machine Robo figures.

Machine Robo released by Popy[edit]


Machine Robo Series[edit]
Machine Robo DX[edit]


  • Highway Robo was skipped for all Western versions of the line, presumably as it was felt its' vehicle mode wouldn't appeal to kids in the new target markets.
  • Baikanfu was a heavy retool of the Gardian DX figure, originally designed by Popy for Chogokin.