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Battle Robo (バトルロボ Batoru Robo) is a Machine Robo.

He is 11.5m tall, weights 390 tons and can reach 160kmph. Battle Robo is armed with three 380mm Ionoid Molecular Disintegration Cannons and twin 120mm Ionoid High Frequency Guns.


Machine Robo packaging[edit]

Battle Robo was driving along in tank mode when he came under fire from an enemy. He converted to robot mode and smashed the villain's face in with his mighty fist. Battle Robo instruction manual

The cartoons featured multiple versions of Battle Robo; for the sake of convenience all are listed here

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Hideyuki Umezu

On Cronos, Battle Robo was among the students at what would one day become Rury's dojo when it was visited by Kirai Stol. Jet! Defeat the Double Death Blade! A possibly different Battle Robo was part of Bug Newman's gang and took part in the raid on Iron City. Defeat Bug, the User of Darkness! Either he turned over a new leaf or there was another Battle Robo again in Dakota, who later joined Rom Stol, Rod Drill and Combat Buggy in driving Casmodon and other Gyandlar troops from the town. Pledging Love on the Great River There was also a Battle Robo among the militia in Cleo City that were mind-controlled by Nerve, and freed by by the efforts of Leina Stol and Sara. The Heart of a Protecting Angel


Later Battle Robo was part of the Machine Robo force stationed at Emerald City, helping fend off a Gyandlar attack and then celebrating the return of Kendō Robo, Heli Transer and Triple Jim with Land Giant 32 and fresh ammunition. Gather All Machine Robo He was later one of the Machine Robo on duty when Garudi and the Gyandlar Devils were able to sneak past their defences in the back of Tough Trailer, taking a direct hit. 10 Seconds Before the Explosion! Run, Tough Trailer! Later, along with Missile Tank Robo and Skyline Robo he agitated for a more aggressive strategy with the Gyandlar. Rom shot them down and the trio set out anyway, but were forced back by the weaponry of the Varigale-X. Curse of the Demon Sword Medusa Later, Battle Robo was part of the team providing covering fire so the badly damaged Big Shuttle Robo could make a safe landing. Baikanfu Disappears in Space He was then stationed on the Battle Base. Save Amber Man, Blazer Cannon!Close Call, Land Commander 5! Battle Robo was among the patrol ambushed by Ashura and the Gyandlar Rocks; he escaped but was injured and needed repairs from Leina. Raise Your Gun, Heli Transer! He later participated in the Machine Robo victory over the Gyandlar. The Final Battle of Cronos

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]


After the Machine Robo left Cronos and passed a dimensional gateway they re-emerged as the citizens of the Algo Republic on Electronic Planet B-1 with no memory of their previous adventures; Battle Robo became a member of the Silver Wolves in the Algo Army. He was one of the troops taken by Pro Truck Racer to investigate when the Good Luck landed on the planet. Burning Electronic Planet Battle Robo was later among the troops who moved out with Rod Drill to battle the Gurendos. Strongest Warrior - R.JeTan! He was later based at an Algo Army facility that was raided by Yasand for electromagnetic missiles. The Stolen Secret Weapon When the Grand Whale came under the threat of electromagnetic missile attack from Yasand, RIM ordered an evacuation. Battle Robo tried to withdraw in New Shinkansen Robo but was forced to bail out when they came under attack, instead fighting street to street. The Flower of Hope Blooming on the Battlefield



Machine Robo[edit]

Machine Robo Series[edit]

  • Battle Robo (1982)
    • ID number: MR-02
    • Accessories: Ionoid Molecular Disintegration Gun, Ionoid High Frequency Gun
Battle Robo was the second figure in Popy's Machine Robo Series and transforms from robot to futuristic tank in five steps. Battle Robo has arguably the simplest transformation of any figure in the range, but has movement at the shoulders and knees - albeit the latter is backwards. Bandai reissued Battle Robo in updated packaging when they took over the line in 1983. The Ionoid Molecular Disintegration Gun is the one that goes on the top, like a turret; the Ionoid High Frequency Gun is the one that clips into the hull. Like the rest of the range, the figure retailed at ¥600.
  • Blister carded versions of Battle Robo were also sold carded in kiosks; the toy itself was unchanged.
  • The figure was later issued as the GoBots figure Tank, with no changes beyond the omission of the extra sticker sheet of the Japanese release - meaning the American version is missing the silver wristbands and the yellow strip on the tank mode cockpit.

Machine Men (USA)[edit]

  • Tank Man (1983)
    • ID number: 02
    • Accessories: turret gun, double-barrelled gun
The Bandai America release of Battle Robo was renamed Tank Man and featured no changes from the Japanese release.

Robo Machine[edit]

Machine Men (Australia)[edit]

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos[edit]

Machine Robo Series[edit]

  • Battle Robo (1986)
    • ID number: MRB-13
    • Accessories: Ionoid Molecular Disintegration Gun, Ionoid High Frequency Gun
Battle Robo was reissued for the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos toyline in updated packaging. The figure was assigned to the Battle Tribe, and featured no changes from the previous Japanese release.


Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos (Action Toys)[edit]

  • Battle Robo (2017)
    • ID number: MR-04
    • Accessories: Ionoid Molecular Disintegration Gun, base
Released in 2017 as the fourth toy in Action Toys' Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos line, Battle Robo is an all-new figure closely modelled on the character's appearance in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos. Influenced by the relative height of the original figure, Battle Robo is a head taller than most of the other Action Toys figures. It is in a lighter blue than the 1982 toy, again in line with the cartoon. Like the rest of the range Battle Robo has excellent articulation, including what can only be described as a moving face. However, the pegs that pin the torso together are on the short side and as a result the upper body sometimes pops apart. While the turret can be removed, it is stiff and the instructions recommend leaving it place so the smaller guns can point over the robot's shoulders. The central gun can be held in either of Battle Robo's fists or mounted on holes on the outside of his forearms. The tank mode eschews the large trapezoidal tracks in favour of two smaller diecast pieces on each side, each mounted on a ball-jointed bogies. Unlike other toys in the series Battle Robo has no random bonus accessory, presumably as he has weaponry as part of his design.