Vanishing Harry

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Vanishing Harry is a member of the Cronos Tribe from Cronos. He is Anna's partner but is much more interested in being the planet's champion racing driver.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Kenyuu Horiuchi

Harry planned to compete in the race at Devil's Island; beginning to tire of racing, he was considering defecting to the Gyandlar, and ignored Anna's pleas before the race. Piloting F-1 Robo, he drove ruthlessly from the start, with his roughhouse tactics making short order of Double-decker Bus Robo, Bike Robo, Bulldozer Robo and Hearse Robo. He was soon battling with Rom Stol in Battleflex, Rod Drill, Buggy Robo and New Shinkansen Robo for the lead, much to his displeasure. He injured Buggy Robo battling for the lead - much to the joy of Diondra and Gadess, also viewing the competition; they sent Black Bass down to further interfere. Harry led the others into Black Bass' carnivorous plants, and they devoured Porsche Robo before being destroyed by Rom and Rod. Harry was left leading until Black Bass attacked again and he finally realised how dangerous the Gyandlar were. Rather than leaving Rom and Drill to their deaths he intervened, giving Rom time to call up Kenryū and then Baikanfu, destroying Black Bass and forcing the Gyandlar to retreat. Harry then raced against the pair fair and square, just losing out to Rod Drill but winning the real prize when he was reunited with Anna, vowing to stay on the side of good from now on.Run Through the Race of Death!