Riser! Power Up!

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 20
"Riser! Power Up!"
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate October 14, 1987
Written by Hiroshi Ohnogi
Directed by Kazufumi Nomura

Akira and Luke level up.

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


The Gurendos try to attack Crystal City via Electronic Planet B-1's forests and rivers. The recovered Winner Robo are launched into action by Roboshooter Gaiden as the rest of the Algo Army arrive, led by Rod Drill and Blue Jet, and battle is joined. Elsewhere Gakurandar, Yasand and Suji have the Battle Hackers pinned down, despite Akira and Luke helping in the Jet Riser and Battle Riser. The pair of Riser Suits are attacked by the new Gurendos Twin Teppodaman, a pair of troops equipped with shared jet armour of their own. They disable both suits, forcing the Battle Hackers to withdraw. Yasand is delighted, though his smugness grates with Gakurandar. Luke and Akira are dressed down by R. JeTan, with Luke feeling Akira was impetuous chasing after the Gurendos and leaving him without cover. R. JeTan removes them both from front-line combat, believing the suits to be too weak for their battles. They stop in the forest on the way back to Crystal City and find Mach Blaster has come after them to check both are okay. Feeling that the suits might have been the problem he takes them to the secret lab were the Riser Suits are developed - and where the eccentric robot Science lives.


Science is the inventor of the Riser Suits and presents them with test models. He easily overcomes Akira in combat and puts the pair of humans through physical training so they can make better use of the suits, teaches them about the different kinds of weaponry they can use in different situations. To further test their new abilities the pair set off to attack a Gurendos unit, and Luke is able to use the Battle Riser's listening devices to overhear Gakurander and Yasand planning to use experimental missiles on the Machine Robo. The pair are spotted but R. JeTan arrives with the rest of the Battle Hackers, while Luke and Akira work together to destroy the Twin Teppodaman before being confronted by Yasand and Rikimines. They defeat the pair, much to the delight of Gakurandar - who makes Yasand beg before collecting them both and escaping. An impressed R. JeTan allows them both to return to the Battle Hackers immediately - though they do get mocked for going through Science's absurd tests.

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2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)