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Science is a Machine Robo from Electronic Planet B-1. He is a scientist, surprisingly, who works as an ally of the Algo Army and invented the Riser Suits. He operates in a secluded laboratory in the Algo Republic by himself, and as such is a bit of a crackpot.


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]

After Akira Amachi and Luke Stewart put in a poor performance piloting the Jet Riser and Battle Riser in a battle against the Gurendos, Mach Blaster took them to Science for extra training. Akira initially dismissed the strange robot's help but when Science easily trounced him in a quick duel in Riser Suits. The pair were then more receptive and underwent numerous training regimes, both physical and theoretical - including bending backwards with rocks on their solar plexus, giant hamster balls and lectures on ammunition. As a result the pair were able to defeat Yasand and Rikimines - though the other Battle Hackers were amused when Mach Blaster told them of Science's bizarre tests. Riser! Power Up!