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Roboshooter Gaiden (ロボシューター・ガイデン), also known as Catapult Robo or just Roboshooter, is a Machine Robo who fights for the Algo Republic on the Electronic Planet B-1.

He is the launcher Winner Robo, using his mighty arm to launch the team into battle at high speed.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Ikuya Sawaki, Hōchū Ōtsuka

Along with the Winner Robo, Roboshooter Gaiden returned to the Algo Republic just in time to rescue the Blue Dragons, who were attempting to free enslaved miners from the Gurendos when they were ambushed by enemy troops. The groups then linked up with the Battle Hackers and his ability to launch the Winner Robo fast enough to cross a minefield laid by Kariagen and rescue the workers. A New Machine Robo Team Appears! The team then joined up with the Battle Hackers, and Roboshooter Gaiden launched the team over a huge valley, enabling the Winner Robo to destroy a Gurendos super-cannon. Dangerous Grand Whale Along with the other Winner Robo he played a key role in preventing a meltdown at a furnace in the Algo Republic and save the workforce from destruction, though the team were damaged by the heat of the control room in the process. Save the Electronic Furnace of Death! Roboshooter Gaiden once again fired the team into action to counter a Gurendos offensive in B-1's forests. Riser! Power Up! His attempts to launch the team in a snowy area were less successful, as they all crashed on the slippery surface. The Stolen Secret Weapon The group later joined the counter-offensive against Yasand's electromagnetic missile launch sites. The Flower of Hope Blooming on the Battlefield When the Battle Hackers were sent by RIM to investigate a mysterious entity killing miners under B-1, he launched his team-mates to intervene and they were enveloped by the sludge, needing to be saved by Drill Crusher.Break Through the End of the Earth

Toys[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers[edit | edit source]

  • Roboshooter Gaiden (1988)
    • Accessories: track, bridge, track supports
Roboshooter Gaiden was released in Bandai's Machine Robo: Battle Hackers toyline in 1988. The robot does not convert, instead being a launcher for the Winner Robo figures - winding his arm back and releases it effectively spanks their vehicle modes around the included Hot Wheels-style track, which can be arranged in different configurations. However the instructions and parts involved largely lean towards a figure of eight. The track includes a tippable section that can trigger the individual Winner Robo's conversion to robot mode, though they tend to then just flop on the track afterwards rather than dramatically launching into battle. While various Machine Robo Series figures can also fit the tracks their lack of through-body axles means the results tend to be unimpressive. It can also fire Hot Wheels but due to a major design fault on the part of Mattel these do not transform into robots. The set included the exclusive figure Ninja Winner.
Roboshooter Gaiden was not released outside of Japan.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Concept art for Roboshooter Gaiden and the Winner Robo.
The cartoon animation model for the character.
  • Early concept art showed Roboshooter Gaiden with an almost completely different look.
  • Roboshooter Gaiden is credited as both Catapult Robo and Roboshooter in Machine Robo: Battle Hackers, though neither name is used in the show.
  • The name "Gaiden" is a play on "Kaiten", meaning spinning.
  • Ashi Productions had to cheat like mad to make Roboshooter Gaiden a halfway viable character, including giving him caterpillar tracks for mobility and the ability to call upon a 90° corner of road to launch the Winner Robo into action. The toy, sadly, cannot do this.