R. JeTan! Run!

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 17
"R. JeTan! Run!"
("AARUJETAN no kake")
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate September 23, 1987
Written by Hideki Sonoda
Directed by Shinji Takahashi

R. JeTan must confront his demons.

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Dylan is becoming frustrated at the Battle Hackers stopping the Gurendos and once again orders Gakurandar to destroy them. Sorikondar leads a huge force against them and pins them down inside a ruined building. RIM sends out the Algo Army led by Rod Drill and Blue Jet to help, while the Winner Robo are still suffering the after-effects of their exposure to the planet's furnace, overseen by Patricia. Overhearing her mention the trouble the rest of the Battle Hackers, Racer Robo tells her of R. JeTan's traumatic past, when a unit of his was massacred during a huge Gurendos assault. At the same time Mach Blaster, Drag Sam and Rotary Kid are in space onboard Big Shuttle Robo with Mia and Luke, trying to find clues about a way back to Earth. Mia becomes deeply upset thinking about her father, leading Drag Sam and Mach Blaster to try and cheer her up. Meanwhile the circumstances of the other Battle Hackers' plight to the loss of his old unit is not lost on R. JeTan, who is becoming withdrawn as the team are bombarded and recalls how Casmodon wiped out his comrades. He thinks of Baikanfu and snaps out of it. He orders F-One Jack, Zen and Akira in the Jet Riser to make a break for it.


Meanwhile Sorikondar has arranged to ambush the Algo Army; Blue Jet and the White Thunder are attacked with an electronic storm, shooting down Eagle Robo, while Rod Drill and the Silver Wolves run into mines, damaging Bike Robo. Akira, Zen and Jack begin work on the mines, which are blocking their path, while the besieged Battle Hackers are starting to run low on ammunition and Hot Rod Joe has been damaged. Soriakondar closes in; however, Jack and Zen then return - having collected the explosives from the minefields. Sorikondar calls for R. JeTan to surrender, telling him he is surrounded. Instead he comes out alone to fight, flying up to draw away the Teppodamans before destroying them. He swoops down on Sorikondar, who is able to down him with his chain and drop a building on the Battle Hackers leader. However, R. JeTan breaks out in his tank mode, only to be restrained by Casmodon and Gildis. Sorikondar charges at him with a sword but R. JeTan dives and the Gurendos kills his own troops before Drill Crusher is able to attach a sack of mines to Sorikondar, who is finally destroyed. Meanwhile Big Shuttle Robo lands and everyone is reunited.

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2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)