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Romulos was the home planet of the Roms and the Machine Robo.


Machine Robo (1982)[edit]

After an ancient civilisation of highly advanced beings named the Roms were chased away from Earth by the Dogra 3.2 billion years in the past, the 182 survivors wandered the universe until coming to the eighth planet in the Vega nebula system, and made it their home. They christened it Romulos. Meanwhile seven capsules they had left behind to recreate life on Earth once the radiation from the Dogra's attack subsided activated, populating the planet. However, this also attracted the attention of the Dogra. To protect the planet the people of Romulos dispatched the Machine Robo and the supercomputer Buddy, which would work with the human Takeru Akiba to defend Earth. Source:Machine Robo 1982

Machine Robo (1985)[edit]

Located in the constellation of Cygnus, Romulos was home to a peaceful race who built the Machine Robo to help protect the planet from disasters, using the powerful Ionoid and Romtron energies. However, their idyllic life was disrupted when the system's star rapidly collapsed and became a black hole. This caused rapid change on Romulos, killing the entire race and leaving only the Machine Robo as survivors. They decided to escape the planet, though many were drawn into the Casmo Zone and turned into Devil Invaders. Those that escaped went to Earth, hiding among its' people disguised as vehicles to repel Devil Invader attacks, and later building a new home planet, the Techno Planet.Source:Machine Robo 1985

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