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Taiyoh Ohzora (大空 太陽) is a human who works for Machine Robo Rescue as part of the Red Wings team, and is Robo Master of Jet Robo.

10 years old when he joins the organisation, Taiyoh is excitable and passionate, often to the point of being disruptive. While he struggles to apply himself to studying he has a big heart and an absolute will to save lives, soon becoming well-liked by all at the organisation despite sometimes being infuriating. A natural survivor with an instinct for incoming danger, he was orphaned at a young age but has a loyal companion in the shape of Bone, and is the only human aware of the dog's ability to speak. Despite their initial clashes he is the object of Lin Haruka's affection - but remains totally oblivious to her feelings.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Sayaka Aida

When Taiyoh was 6 years old he was a passenger on a commercial airliner with his parents and Bone; however, an accident destroyed one of the plane's wings. He and Bone were the only survivors, with the dog helping attract the attention of Rescue Red members Shin Suidōbashi, Musashi Miyajima and Honda Sohachi. Taiyoh was left with only limited memories of the event that killed his parents. Debut, 30000 Metres!

MRRE01 031Taiyoh.jpg

Four years later he qualified to join Machine Robo Rescue as a cadet, but made a poor first impression when he got distracted by the sight of Jet Robo on a test flight and missed his monorail stop. An encounter with Jun Mizushima, saving the luckless bow from a box thrown from a nearby truck, further delayed him and meant he was a late arrival for his first day. This caused the officious Makoto Aikawa to question if he was responsible enough to be a Robo Master, to which Taiyoh responded furiously - only to end up on his backside. As they squabble a fire breaks out on the nearby Landmark Tower and Taiyoh's instinct tells him someone is inside. Despite not being cleared, he was able to persuade Jet Robo to take him to do building, and was given a K-BOY by instructor Marie Bitou. Despite an attack from a Gura Gorro, Taiyoh and Jet were able to rescue the trapped civilian (Jun again) and - on the second attempt - active Jet's Hyper Mode to defeat the Gura Gorro. Commence the Rescue Combination!! He was then assigned to the Red Wings team under the tutelage of Miyajima along with Lin Haruka, Kai Kitazawa and Arias Honoh. He clashed badly with Arias - or Ace as he liked to be called, much to the irritation of Miyajima, causing worries about how effective the team would be when they were called into action to combat a dangerous forest fire. However, the pair managed to put aside their differences and work together successfully to find and rescue a pair of trapped climbers. Blazing Fire Fighter! His voracious appetite for food quickly endeared him to caretaker Satoko Oigawa, though he continued to infuriate Miyajima, especially by taking a short cut to the hangar through ventilation shafts that resulted in him landing on top of the instructor, while he was still regarded coolly by Makoto until the pair began to develop a little respect for each other's way of doing things - while continuing to argue about most things. Straight Ahead to the Police Spirit! Despite an innovative approach to a drill for controlling Supporter Robo wherein he got the Sky Robo to kick a cargo canister along Taiyoh continued to aggravate his instructor. It's Party Time! Drill Robo In addition to his arguments with Ace and Makoto, he also clashed with team-mate Lin, with the pair both boarding Jet Robo after an emergency on the new Sky Dolphin aircraft. After the usual squabble the pair settled down and worked together to prevent the automated plane from crashing in a populated area, despite the interference of the Disasters' Stealth Robo. The Thunderous Stealth Robo Despite seeing the chance to look for Laura, a missing cat belonging to Hideki, to one-up Ace, Taiyoh helped what turned into a full-unit search. He later retrieved the animal when it was found by Jay, who handed it over to Taiyoh - who was completely unaware he had just met the Robo Master of Stealth Robo. Emergency! Enter Battalion During the eruption of Kaga Mountain, Taiyoh distinguished himself in working with Jet Robo to rescue the cantankerous geologist Toru Konoe, and his growing maturity saw him officially given the role of Robo Master for Jet. Aim to be a Robo Master!


Their first official assignment was a rescue on Himaru Mountain, which was once again disrupted by Stealth Robo - and this time Jay made his role clear, attacking Taiyoh. The Red Wings cadet was perplexed that Jay would want to harm someone in need, and largely refused to fight back, instead being focused on an injured mountaineer in his charge. While an avalanche stopped the fight Jet Robo was badly damaged by Stealth Robo, making Taiyoh feel guilty, while the big-hearted boy was also concerned over what happened to Jay, despite the rescue operation itself being successful. As a result, he ran away from Rescue Headquarters. Clash! Jet vs. Stealth Ace, Lin and Kai tried searching for him but were called away to an emergency in Ōguchi Valley, which the Jet Team had to combat without him. Blue Sirens and Yellow Gears took over the search instead, which they resolved when Taiyoh was discovered rescuing a baby called Yuri. He still intended to quit until Miyajima intervened, explaining that Jet Robo felt like he had let Taiyoh down, and drove him to the valley in Police Robo, getting him on the scene in time to help Ace and Fire Robo use the EX Combination system to defeat Stealth Robo and save the people in danger before rejoining Machine Robo Rescue. Look Out! Combination EX He and Ace finally found some common ground when Charmy Sato visited Rescue Headquarters, both feeling the young reporter's sensationalist approach was endangering lives. Charmy's antics resulted in a genuine emergency at an industrial complex on an artificial island, during which Taiyoh swam underwater to reactivate the safety systems the reporter had disabled. Industrial Complex Panic! While skilled in rescue work, Taiyoh was clumsy with small machines and managed to break his K-BOY, having to turn to the experts Susumu and Tsuyoshi - managing to turn the trip to the hangar into a fight about patriotism with Makoto. Whirlwind! Gyro Robo He stayed at Rescue Headquarters when Yellow Gears travelled to Egypt to save Saki Murayoshi, trying to guide Shō Ashikawa and nearly getting him killed several times over. Laughter Can Save the World! He was later saddened when an open day was thrown for the families of the cadets; being an orphan it left him feeling lonely, though he was more concerned with Daichi Hayami's parents seemingly skipping the event, and planned to throw a simulated battle between Jet Robo and Drill Robo when his friend's father belatedly appeared. However, Daichi baulked at the idea and told him to do his best. Spurred on by Sakoto and her husband Zenjiro deciding to unofficially adopt him, he won the battle and realised that MRR were his family. And Taiyoh is Fine!


Due to Taiyoh's appalling drawing skills MRR were unable to successfully identify Jay; however, he was soon to make his presence known as he planned to raid the Machine AI Laboratory in order to recover Stealth Robo's Supporter Robo. As it happened, Taiyoh was planning a visit to the facility with Lin to find out more information. Sadly Taiyoh was not on his best behaviour, his short attention span on the train journey seeing him interfere with Jun's school trip and incur the wrath of the class' teacher, before managing to pick a fight with one of the lab's guide robots. When Stealth Robo attacked the lab he snapped into action, though, helping evacuate the building and later controlled Jet in fighting Stealth Robo - however, the latter was outmatched when Jay was able to summon the Tank Robo and allow his Machine Robo into Hyper Mode, though the Disasters were forced to retreat by the arrival of reinforcements. The Invincible Hyper Stealth Robo! Tiyoh was then briefly out of action following a vaccination. Ken's Rescue Spirit! Once again on standby during the launch of the Takion high speed train he nevertheless contributed significantly to preventing the hijacked train from being destroyed, firstly finding a testing track that Siren Galley Robo was able to divert the train to and then using his intuition to help Susumu disable a bomb that had been placed onboard. Arise! Siren Galley Robo Later when a Gura Gorro tried to collapse the amusement park Marine World into the sea Taiyoh and Jet Robo provided backup for the Yellow Gears team, protecting Drill Robo from the attacker. Call Out! Gear Dump Robo


While he continued to build experience as a rescuer Taiyoh continued to struggle with the academic side of training, turning in test scores so low they dragged the entire Red Wings team down. However, he baulked at the idea of following Ace's example and knuckling down, instead reading Manga and dedicating his time to trying to prove that his team-mate was cheating. However, after the pair braved a firestorm to rescue Jun he was left with an enhanced respect for his team-mate's intelligence and effort, and eventually turned to Ace for help in his studies. Fear of the Fire Storm Red Wings and Miyajima then travelled to the spaceport Ikaros 1 to help calibrate some satellites; there the instructor was reunited with Sohachi, hurriedly taking him aside to explain that Taiyoh still didn't have full recall of the accident that killed his parents and he worried that full recall would bring on a breakdown for the boy. The station soon came under attack from Stealth Robo, and Taiyoh attempted to defend it with Jet Robo. However, their opponent was designed with space operation in mind and Stealth Robo was able to heavily damage Jet Robo, and despite the arrival of the newly completed Space Robo to aid them were sent crashing down towards Earth. Debut, 30000 Metres! The Sky Robo were able to slow Jet's impact and despite a heavy crash into Minamitobi Island Taiyoh was physically unharmed. However, the Jet Team took heavy damage and Taiyoh's mental state was devastated, with his memories of the traumatic plane crash that killed his parents returning from the incident. He initially intended to simply return to action before Miyajima forced him to admit how shaken he was, having developed a fear of heights and flying. As such, the instructor overruled his plan to take Jet Robo back into space to rescue Lin and Kai, stranded on Shuttle 12. Good Luck Taiyoh Ace was planned as pilot together while Taiyoh became withdrawn, refusing even to eat. However, Ace and the others banded together to rebuild Taiyoh's confidence and conspired to instead put him onboard Jet Robo, now reconfigured by the Professor as Shuttle Robo, and launch him into space. The instructors were aware of the switch but let it slide through their belief it might return Taiyoh to his old self. The launch successfully shook out Taiyoh's fears, allowing him and Hyper Shuttle Robo to drive off Jay and Stealth Robo, saving Shuttle 12 and taking it to dock with the International Space Station. Taiyoh Ohzora, Into Space!


On arrival they found the station overran by rogue plants, with Taiyoh joining Lin and Kai in searching for survivors. However, while saving his friends from a killer planet Taiyoh was sucked out into space, threatening to reawaken his trauma as his K-BOY ran out of battery. However, he managed to fight down his fears and recharge it, allowing Ace and Shuttle Robo to find and recover him. The Red Wings then moved on to the Moon to inspect the base there. Save the Space Station! There, after making his acting debut as a horse in Alice Beckham's impromptu staging of The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, he helped defend the Moonbase from Jay and Stealth Robo with Hyper Shuttle Robo while aiding lunar miners buried by a rockslide. Lunar Rescue, Begin! Upon returning to Earth, Taiyoh was put out by a second visit from Charmy Sato, who had clearly learnt nothing from his last trip and immediately gets in the way of a Red Wings firefighting operation, requiring medical attention. MRR 24 Hours Taiyoh took a brief leave of absence on the anniversary of his parents' death, taking Bone to the monument for the crash victims to pay his respects. However, he was kidnapped by Stealth Robo in an attempt to draw out Jet Robo, who the former intended to battle in order to prove to Colonel Hazard that he and Jay were still needed by the Disasters. Unwittingly helped by Bone, Lin was able to piece together what happened. Taiyoh refused to command Jet Robo to attack, pleading with him and then Jay to abandon their violent ways. Stealth Robo eventually goaded Jet Robo into battle but was heavily damaged, and taken away by Hazard by Gura Gorro. Enter! BL Machine Robo


The new threat of Hazard played on Taiyoh's mind, leading to a poor performance in drills that were being watched by Jun's class on a trip. As a result he, Ace, Makoto and Daichi were put on hangar cleaning duty, where another argument broke out - allowing Jun to sneak onboard the Wing Liner and be taken to a fire when Red Wings were scrambled moments later to an industrial complex fire caused by BL Fire Robo. While the Red Wings were successful in keeping Jun out of trouble and combatting the blze, the Aider Robo were kidnapped by BL Fire Robo. Colonel Hazard's Trap! Taiyoh helped further testing of Machine Commander and had the rare experience of being an innocent party when he walked into a fight between Makoto, Ace and Daichi - though he soon joined in and was censured by Chief Bitou as a result. Combine! Machine Commander Robo While holidaying on an island owned by Sayuri, Taiyoh was among the group who blundered into a pair of vacationing Gura Gorros, mistaking them for a ghost. After finding out the reason behind it he later dismissed the idea of ghosts existing - despite Nina, her father and their pirate crew showing up in the background of a shot the team took of their holiday - a shot which featured Taiyoh faceplanting as he attempted to make it back before the camera's timer went off. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation He was later on monitor duty at Rescue Headquarters when Colonel Hazard seized control of the airship Uranos 2, and as such was subjected to the oddball images the Disasters officer broadcast to the world while in control of all communications. Airship SOS! Jet Robo and the Space Robo, along with Red Wings, were invited to represent MRR at a ceremony at the Space Agency. Despite the commendation being presented to Jet, Taiyoh was overcome by nerves and had to relief himself. On his way back he found Jay checking records of the Mars mission that claimed the lives of his parents; instead of attacking he watched, feeling for Jay considering his own similar loss. He was spotted but again refused to fight Jay, whose Disaster brainwashing was beginning to break down as more of his memories returned. The building came under attack from BL Drill Robo, and Taiyoh's faith in Jay was rewarded when he helped get a young girl called Kazami to safety. However, Stealth Robo was heavily damaged protecting Jay from BL Drill Robo, and Taiyoh was devastated when both Jay and Stealth Robo fell into the sea, disappearing without trace. Stealth Robo's Fierce End


Taiyoh remained at Rescue Headquarters when Yellow Gears were sent to provide help for the filming of the Ninja Mama movie, revealing a general ignorance of pop culture. I am the Mother of Daichi His naivety was further exposed when he failed to understand a lot of what was going on when Makoto dated Aki Saotome, resulting in the others leaving him to take the consequences when the Blue Sirens member found out the others had been spying on him. Later after the young doctor died from a terminal illness Taiyoh attended her memorial ceremony. The Story of Makoto's First Love He was later taken on a holiday by Zenjiro and Satoko to Hinosuke, and while there was volunteered to join the town's small volunteer fire brigade, led by old coot Takezo Ikano. While he was initially hard on Taiyoh the boy's determination and the way the brigade worked with Machine Robo Rescue left the pair with a huge respect for each other, leading to Taiyoh adding Takezo to his extended family, and writing to him to tell how his training methods had inspired MRR to use many of the same lessons. Proud Fire Brigade! Along with Ace, he managed to get lost in the Amazon during a rescue on a crashed airliner, thanks to the brattish behaviour of Ricky. Taiyoh did his best to point out the young boy had been through a traumatic event that perhaps explained why he was being such an intolerable irritation while Ace concentrated on using his survival skills. Forest fires caused by BL Fire Robo forced them across a river, with Ace nearly drowning until he was saved by Taiyoh. Thankfully Wing Liner Robo soon destroyed the jammer Colonel Hazard was using to prevent communications and the rest of Red Wings were able to get the trio to safety. Survival of the Fittest! Taiyoh and the other cadets returned to the Machine AI Laboratory, where they underwent training with the Professor's new Hyper Disaster Prevention House, a hologrammatic rescue simulator hosted by ersatz superhero Captain Miracle. Like most of the cadets Taiyoh took issue with what he believed to be the Professor's pedantry and harsh standards before eventually admitting that he should always be seeking to improve his skills. For his part, the Professor asked the cadets to continue to provide feedback so they could work together to make rescuing lives ever more efficient. The Mysterious Superhero Captain Miracle


Jay was then recovered from the sea, having lost his memories. Taiyoh was among the group taken by Chief Bitou to collect him, and pressed for MRR to help the boy recuperate. He continued to defend Jay when the other cadets were torn over having a former enemy among them, a split which culminated in Makoto showing Jay footage of the carnage he caused as part of the Disasters. Jay stole Red Commander to locate Stealth Robo and Taiyoh followed in Jet Robo. They were able to use Machine Commander Robo to rescue Stealth Robo from an underwater volcano with the help of the rest of the team, also fending off an attack by Gura Gorros. Taiyoh then told Jay he was no longer alone. Be Reborn, Jay! He then pushed for Jay to be made a member of MRR, though the instructors were worried that Jay might do so just to get revenge on the Disasters. However, after Jay and Taiyoh worked together to save Lin and a number of civilians from an observation tower the doubts began to disappear. Jay, Join the MRR! There was still some ill-feeling, however - Ace for one felt Taiyoh was going too easy on Jay, especially when his inability to follow orders disrupted the discipline of Red Wings. Later, Taiyoh helped talk Jay through his first rescue with the rebuilt V Stealth Robo. Birth! V Stealth Robo He continued to tutor Jay as he learnt how to apply his talents to rescue work. He was then entrusted with Machine Commander on a solo mission to rescue a fishing boat stranded on an uninhabited island by a typhoon. However, on arrival he was shot down by a blast from Hell Island. The attack disabled Machine Commander Robo's energy pack, sending it crashing into the sea and knocking Taiyoh unconscious. They came under attack from BL Fire Robo, which at least woke Taiyoh, but struggled due to low power levels until Jay and V Stealth Robo attacked, allowing them to form Machine Commander Robo V, driving the Disasters from the area and allowing the fishermen to be rescued. The Strongest Combination! Machine Commander Robo V


Ever-excitable, he planned a welcome party for Jay. Or at least planned the idea of having Daichi organise it. Taiyoh instead formed part of the entertainment, performing an excellent ventriloquist act with Bone. Or vice versa. Daichi's Resolution He showed his chivalrous side by expressing surprise that Alice, Lin and Sayuri are entrusted with representing MRR at Kansai Disaster Prevention Festival, promptly earning a battering from Lin. Salute to the Gura Gorro When the Leader Robo were knocked out of action by means unknown Taiyoh and the rest of the cadets nevertheless went into action when the liner Poseidon collided with an oil tanker close to Rescue Headquarters. After Miyajima was injured Ace took over command of the operation, sending Jay and Taiyoh in to clear some of the decks. When they discovered a man suffering from smoke inhalation Taiyoh sent Jay up with the man while Taiyoh found an incapacitated child, jumping from the ship with the boy - thankfully just as Jet Robo - rebooted by the Professor after Bone made him realise ultrasonic resonance was disabling the Machine Robo - arrived to catch him. Machine Robo Out of Action!


Taiyoh continued to have an impulsive side, and after a potentially risky rescue of a trapped man in an observatory he was lectured by Lin, while Ace complained to the instructors. However, they were interrupted when Kaiser-G finally launched his plan to trigger the Pacific Ring of volcanos and devastate the Earth. All of Machine Robo Rescue mobilised but Kaiser-G was too powerful. Taiyoh, Jet Robo, Jay and V Stealth Robo made a last-ditch attack but Kaiser-G easily batted them into the heart of the volcano. Activate, Kaiser-G! The volcano caused the island to be abandoned, and the rest of Machine Robo Rescue were forced to carry on helping those affected by the disasters caused by Kaiser-G, not knowing if they were dead or alive. The pair had in fact survived thanks to the protection of their Machine Robo, which were massively damaged in the effort. The pair were finally able to signal a passing ship with a flare, allowing Ace, Makoto and Daichi to find them with Machine Commander Robo. The rescue operation was disrupted by BL Police Robo and Hazard, both of whom were destroyed in the subsequent confrontation after learning Kaiser-G's origin as a self-aware Machine AI perversely attempting to test humanity - now bound for Tokyo. A Looming Catastrophe! Despite Jet Robo being out of action Taiyoh nevertheless joined the attempt to combat Kaiser-G and prevent him from diverting the meteorite Tartarus from colliding with Earth, instead joining those onboard Wing Liner Robo. However, Kaiser-G's powers prevented them from attacking. Instead he joined a team who clambered inside Kaiser-G himself and planted explosives, though Taiyoh and Jay dropped out after anticipating a trap, allowing the others to complete the mission. They were caught by the repaired Shuttle Robo, who took Taiyoh along with V Stealth Robo and Jay to stop Tartarus itself. Despite a further attack from Kaiser-G they were successful, working together to destroy the insane Disasters leader forever. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! While the planet was still plagued by those in need of rescue, Taiyoh and his classmates were eventually able to attend their graduation ceremony. There he discussed the Professor's plans to form International Hyper Rescue with him, and decided rescuing people was the best job imaginable. Fly, MRR!


As a result he joined the organisation, transferring to the rustic base in Sabah along with Bone, who had grown big enough to be ridden like a horse, and the Jet Team. There he lived a happy life, helping the people and wildlife of Africa. Years later Lin contacted him from France he was delighted with the idea of meeting up with her - and everyone else, proving he was still naïve as ever. Sadly the reunion had to be put off due to everyone being so busy with their duties, but Taiyoh and the others would always be close in heart.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Supplemental material establishes that his birthday is on March 9, he was born in Hokkaido and his blood type is B.
  • His name broadly translates to "Sun Sky", which posed challenges for some of the foreign translations of the series when it appears out of context in episode titles and the like.
  • It's never explained why or how he has a talking dog. As Bone speaks to numerous other characters by throwing his voice or other tricks it's not in Taiyoh's head, he just seems to be the only one to actually be aware of it, while also being aware that it's not normal. It's slightly implied that his decision to head out to the remote Sabah is influenced by Bone growing to giant size, presumably making the dog's unusual nature harder to hide.