Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation

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Machine Robo Rescue
Episode 31
"Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation"
("Natsuyasumi! Kyōfu no bakansu")
Production company Sunrise
Yomiko Advertising
TV Tokyo
Airdate August 6, 2003
Written by Shin Yoshida
Directed by Takeyuki Sadohara
Animation studio Sunrise

A trip to Sayuri's island mansion ends up with Ken either getting married or having another severe psychotic episode.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]


Sayuri invites everyone to her family's mansion for a summer break, and Chief Bitou decides they have earnt some time to relax, with Makoto, the Utada twins and Sasaki staying on duty. The others arrive on the island containing the mansion by sea - escorted by Submarine Robo - and get ready to sleep for the night. Or at least Miyajima does, cuddling up with his duvet, while Marie tells the cadets ghost stories, only to be terrified herself by Ace. Ken gives his thoughts on ghosts, believing most to be misunderstood spirits that are not to feared but instead understood. He goes for a walk and thinks he spots someone standing by Submarine Robo, but the Machine Robo didn't notice anyone. The next day everyone goes swimming and is nearly killed by Submarine Robo doing a cannonball off a cliff. Everyone that is but Ken and Kai Kitazawa, who have been talked into attending to Alice's every whim on the beach. Ken again thinks he spots someone and runs off to investigate, only to find the cliff-top deserted when he gets there. Meanwhile a pair of Gura Gorros are holidaying on another part of the island, and mention there are rumours that it is haunted by ghosts. That evening the cadets gather to watch a firework display which is only partly spoilt by Arias' need to extinguish the flames. At least it's going better than Sasaki's attempt to have a camp-out at Rescue Headquarters, which involves the four of them sitting in a cold tent with sparklers. Back on the island, everyone notices Ken is missing, and head to the hills to find him. He seems to have found the figure he was chasing - a blonde girl - and hands her a bunch of flowers he has picked. She takes a shine to him and introduces herself as Nina, and offers to take Ken to meet her father. He turns out to be a grizzled pirate captain, feasting in a forest clearing with his crew. The burly outlaw takes one look at Ken and decides he's just what his crew need, and a night of dancing and grog ensues. The captain announces that Ken will help them raise their ship, which sank in a storm. The crew are overjoyed when Ken agrees, though he is perturbed when the captain declares he'll make a great son-in-law.


Elsewhere in the woods Taiyoh, Sayuri, Lin and Kai nearly run into the two Gura Gorros, with both groups mistaking the other for ghosts. Back at the pirate camp Ken suddenly finds himself marrying Nina before they hear the screams, at which point the captain and his crew slip away, warning Ken not to tell anyone about their ship. Meanwhile Marie, Miyajima and the other cadets have caught up with Taiyoh's group and ridicule them for their claims of seeing ghosts, just as Ken rejoins them, saying nothing about the pirates. Instead, everyone heads back for some sleep. At dawn, Ken asks Submarine Robo for help raising the ship but does not tell him the details. He replies that it's against the rules but he'll do it anyway, as long as they can get it done before anyone wakes up to stop them. They are spotted by the Gura Gorros, however. Submarine Robo soon finds the ship - an ancient galleon - just as they attack. Back at the mansion everyone thinks the ructions from the fight are an earthquake, and the cadets begin evacuating the house staff. Ken contacts Shō and tells him what's happening, with Marie authorising him to switch Submarine Robo to Hyper Mode. Marie calls Rescue Headquarters and requests Drill Robo be sent to help. The Utadas dispatch him immediately - much to the annoyance of Makoto and Sasaki, who had already stripped to their trunks in the hope of going to the island. The response is slowed when Drill falls off the top of Gear Dump posing and has to be rescued by the Bulldozer Robo. Meanwhile Nina and the pirates watch the staff evacuation and Ken's battle as Hyper Submarine Robo struggles with being attacked from both sides. However, Drill Robo arrives covered in seagrass and the Gura Gorros mistake him for a water ghost, retreating. Ken and Daichi then activate Combination X, allowing Submarine Robo to use the Bulldozer Robo. He raises the ship successfully, and the pirates appear onboard. Ken realises they were ghosts all along as the others watch, unable to see anyone as the ship sails away. However, when the cadets take a snapshot of their holiday the ghosts can be seen in the background, which Taiyoh dismisses as a weird occurrence - while Nina paws at Ken as he cleans the hangar.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Let's not talk about work for a while, okay?"

—The Gura Gorros on holiday.

"You're a total geek. Will you be quiet?"

Taiyoh counters Kai's attempts at explaining ghosts with science.

Notes[edit | edit source]


Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

  • Koshiro Sasaki tries to get into the holiday spirit by wearing shorts in the control room.
  • Naturally the Gura Gorros have sunhats, flippers and gigantic cocktails.
  • Presumably Drill Robo's been waterproofed since his antics in "Do You Like Hangars?", though he still can't swim.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • How many people work in Sayuri's house?!?

Foreign localization[edit | edit source]


  • Title: "A Scary Summer Vacation"
  • Original airdate: ?

Home video releases[edit | edit source]


2003Machine Robo Rescue Vol 08 (Sunrise)