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Ninja Mama is a Japanese live-action television show. It details the adventures of Yoko Kimura, a Special Service Agent who fights villains with a bladed yo-yo.

Kimura is played by Saeko Homura, the mother of Daichi Hayami, and is one of the favourite shows of Alice Beckham, Lin Haruka and Ken Minami. Printed material based on the franchise appears in TV Magazine, and a movie spin-off was planned by the famous Hotta-Anao team. Though it's not clear if this ever came out.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]


Alice, Lin and Ken watched an episode of Ninja Mama where she fought an evil samurai before Taiyoh Ohzora changed the channel to the news, which was running a report on Blue Sirens' work cleaning up following a highway crash, which naturally led to a brawl with Makoto. While Lin, Alice and Ken gossiped about Saeko Homura, they were unaware she was actually the mother of Daichi. It's Party Time! Drill Robo


The show was successful enough to be made into a film under the stunt-mad combo director Hotta and producer Anao. The stunts were expected to be so OTT that the Yellow Gears team were sent along to help with the on-set safety, but soon found themselves roped into a variety of roles in the film itself - with Daichi cast as a prince, Sayuri as a princess, Shō as the prince's sidekick and Ken as Ninja Girl. Drill Robo and three of the Bulldozer Robo were also cast as monsters. The film seemed to have almost no plot, largely being a series of explosive set-pieces with a script that seemed to be improvised. Worse was to come - Colonel Hazard had seen a trailer for the film and believed Yoko Kimura was not only real but likely to join him in fighting for the Disasters. While most of the Gura Gorros seemed aware of the flaws in this plan one went along with him to the filming location. While the Drill Team were able to drive them off the fight wrecked the footage shot so far. Hotta and Anao were unbowed, however, and decided that the work so far had merely been a rehearsal - much to the distress of Shō, Ken and the Drill Team. I am the Mother of Daichi

It is not known if the movie was ever completed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The trailer for Ninja Mama - The Movie used exactly the same footage as the scene watched by the cadets earlier in the series. What a coincidence!