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Yuri is a young girl from Japan. Or probably was, given the level of parental care the poor mite receives.


Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

Yuri lived with her mother in a third-floor apartment with a balcony. As Yuri had learnt to crawl her mother clearly felt she was ready to be left alone while she went out for groceries, even leaving the balcony doors unlocked in order to simultaneously test evolution and gravity. Yuri predictably chased a butterfly to the edge of the balcony and began to fall; thankfully a 10-year old hyperactive kid was having a crisis of confidence in the area, sprinted up and saved Yuri from certain death - though it would take six more MRR cadets to pull them both to safety. Due to the amount of witnesses the failed attempt to kill her daughter had drawn, Yuri's power put on a good show for the crowd. Look Out! Combination EX


  • Hopefully someone called child services.