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Tsuyoshi Utada (歌田 強) is a human who works for Machine Robo Rescue as a member of the Blue Sirens, and joint Robo Master of Gyro Robo along with his twin brother Susumu.

Very slightly younger than his brother, Tsuyoshi is kind, strong and a technical genius. Despite their sibling rivalry Tsuyoshi has a strong mental link with his twin, while the pair generally try to keep neutral in the squabbling between Makoto and Alice and try to just get on with things. The 11-year old twins can be told apart by everyone but Taiyoh due to Tsuyoshi parting his hair on the right and Susumu parting his hair on the left. They are rarely seen apart, and are amiable, popular members of MRR due to being among the few cadets not to have massive personality flaws. Tsuyoshi however does seem to have low enough self-esteem to voluntarily wear a t-shirt proclaiming him to be the #2 of the pair.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Masato Amada

The brothers' father Masayoshi had hoped they would follow him into wrestling but instead they thought their skills would be better used with MRR. They helpfully wore numbered shirts to their enrolment, with Tsuyoshi's bearing the number 2. Commence the Rescue Combination!! Assigned to the Blue Sirens, they immediately got on well with Makoto. Blazing Fire Fighter! Both were amused by Makoto's effortless deflection of Taiyoh's attempts to attack his fellow cadets, and attended their first rescue when Blue Sirens were called in to help at a multiple vehicle traffic accident. Straight Ahead to the Police Spirit! Susumu and his brother later joined the whole of MRR in searching for Hideki's cat Laura, though they were embarrassed by Alice's attempts to lure the animal out by dressing as a cat herself. Emergency! Enter Battalion Blue Sirens later helped with the evacuation of those threatened by the erupting Mount Kaga, and the brothers were later named as back-up Robo Masters for the team. Aim to be a Robo Master!


Along with his brother, Tsuyoshi was interested in the testing of Gyro Robo in America. Soon after they were sent into action to help at Sunrise Dam, where a Gura Gorro had caused severe damage. Makoto attempted to combat the aggressor with Police Robo but the overpowered Gura Gorro was too much for him, with Tsuyoshi heading in to aid the workers trapped inside. The battle was won thanks to the arrival of Gyro Robo, called in as reinforcement by Koshiro Sasaki, and the operation was a success. Whirlwind! Gyro Robo When the pair used their time off to stay with their parents they were joined by Alice and Gyro Robo. With encouragement from their father the boys tried to solve a dispute with a wrestling match that escalated to also involve Alice, Carlos and Masayoshi himself getting involved, resulting in a draw that left both of them battered - and not speaking to each other. When they did start speaking they argued but snapped out of it when they heard their father was trapped by a falling crane while preparing the arena for a wrestling exhibition. They attempted to help with Gyro Robo before the arrival of a Gura Gorro. Instead they worked to get the Helicopter Robo to lift the crane before commanding Gyro Robo into Hyper Mode to defeat the Gura Gorro. The incident left Masayoshi impressed with his sons' choices, and led to Chief Bitou declaring Susumu and his brother as joint Robo Master of Gyro Robo. Finished! Triple Tornado His parents later enthusiastically attended the MRR open day. And Taiyoh is Fine!


When Blue Sirens were assigned as security for the launch of the Takion high speed train Tsuyoshi was given the role of following it in Siren Galley from the ground. The train was soon hijacked. After the bomb onboard the train was discovered to be real - despite the hijackers thinking otherwise, having been tricked by Jay - he was joined by Alice, and they activated Siren Galley Robo and switching the train to a back-up track loop. With a little help from Taiyoh, Susumu was able to deactivate the explosives safely. Arise! Siren Galley Robo Both brothers provided ground support during the MRR expedition into space, helping locate Taiyoh after he was briefly adrift from the International Space Station. Save the Space Station! During a subsequent crime awareness festival he and Tsuyoshi were inveigled in promoting MRR by donning a Siren Galley costume, with Susumu getting to be the back end. Along with Makoto and Alice, they were soon injured thanks to the careless behaviour of reporter Charmy Sato. MRR 24 Hours


Later the brothers joined Ace, Kai, Fire Robo and Gyro Robo in sortieing to combat a tower block blaze they later found out was caused by Colonel Hazard. Enter! BL Machine Robo When Sayuri took most of MRR on holiday to her island mansion, the Utadas were among those either fairly elected or tricked by Alice to stay on duty. As a result they were subjected to a miserable camp-out next to Rescue Headquarters motivated by Sasaki's resentment at being left out. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation Blue Sirens were however chosen to visit the new Uranos 2 communications airship, and while Makoto and Sasaki listened dutifully to Tanimura explaining its' functions, Alice and the twins just ran around the vessel doing what they liked - which turned out to be advantageous when Hazard took over the ship and thus all worldwide communications. Tsuyoshi was in the toilets when he heard Hazard monologing, and while he was instantly captured he didn't realise there were two of them, Susumu having been attending to the daisies when the Disasters agent was scoping out the ship. With Alice keeping Hazard busy and help from his mental link with Susumu, Tsuyoshi was able to guide his brother to the bridge to the captured group, and Hazard was eventually forced off the airship. Airship SOS! Tsuyoshi and his brother later offered their support to Makoto when he landed a date with Doctor Aki Saotome, and later helped him locate her during a fire at Rinkai General Hospital. The Story of Makoto's First Love


After Jay joined MRR, Blue Sirens took him out into Tokyo to learn a few basic tasks, but the train they were on was attacked by a Gura Gorro, leaving it stranded on a wrecked bridge. Tsuyoshi checked in with the conductor before witnessing the bizarre sight of Jay sprinting in the rough direction of a hospital, carrying a pregnant passenger. V Stealth Robo later helped clear out the Gura Gorro. Later, they visited the lady Jay had got to hospital after she had given birth, looking on terrified as Alice beat up Makoto. Birth! V Stealth Robo During Jay's welcome party Tsuyoshi raced his brother in speed-building models of Jet Robo. Daichi's Resolution When Alice was sent to the Kansai Disaster Prevention Festival, the rueful brothers found out just how much of Makoto's temper she usually deflected as he spent most of the time yelling at them instead. He later helped Alice use Gyro Robo in an EX Combination with the Bulldozer Robo against BL Police Robo. Salute to the Gura Gorro When the liner Poseidon collided with an oil tanker just off Rescue Headquarters, causing a freak subsonic noise that disabled the Leader Robo, Tsuyoshi and his brother controlled the Helicopter Robo to airlift many of the crew and casualties from the stricken ships. Machine Robo Out of Action! When Jay was entrusted with the errand of buying a bag of salt, at Taiyoh's urging the twins helped monitor him by both wearing an oversized trenchcoat and pretending to be a single adult. The resulting illusion was of low quality, though the naïve Jay mistook them for being pregnant and moved on oblivious - even as the pair started fighting. The Greatest Errand of All Time


Following Kaiser-G cutting off a volcanic island from the rest of the world Tsuyoshi joined the full-strength rescue mission, assisting Alice in piloting and loading Siren Galley. However, Kaiser-G soon proved equal to the combined Machine Robo effort to stop him, with Taiyoh and Jay seemingly lost. Activate, Kaiser-G! The rest of MRR were at least able to evacuate the island and went back into action to help those affected by Kaiser-G's messing with the Pacific volcanoes until the missing pair were able to make contact. However, Kaiser-G had advanced to Tokyo, where he set the meteorite Tartarus on collision course with Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! MRR made a full-strength sortie into the city to try and fight Kaiser-G, but Tsuyoshi and the massive Siren Galley Robo - like the rest of the team - were unable to get close enough due to the monster's gravity powers pinning them into the street. Instead a the group of cadets climbed inside Kaiser-G and planted explosives which would give Shuttle Robo and V Stealth Robo chance to destroy it and the meteorite, saving Earth. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! The end of the Disasters didn't end the need for MRR however, and the cadets had to carry out several rescues on their graduation day. Fly, MRR!


After graduation Tsuyoshi continued to work with both his brother and Gyro Robo, and the trio transferred to the American branch of Brad Bitou's International Hyper Rescue organisation, where they continued to fight crime as a team. After catching in the same trio of hijackers who attempted to capture the Takion in a high-speed road chase - with Tsuyoshi chasing them in a sports car - they watched a broadcast of Prime Minister Sayuri's speech announcing the new aims of International Hyper Rescue. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Supplemental material establishes that the brothers have November 16 as their birthday, and were born in Tokyo.
  • While Tsuyoshi and his brother do better than Kai for attention if someone's left at base or left out of a group shot it's the twins.
  • The DNA of Thunderbirds is obvious to anyone watching MRR, but a less intentional similarity can be found between the treatment of Alan and John Tracy compared to the Utada brothers. Like John, Tsyuoshi nominally swaps jobs with his brother on a regular basis but in practice hardly ever acts as Gyro Robo's Robo Master after Brad Bitou announces they will share the role.