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Gura Gorros (ガラ ゴロが) are robots used by the Disasters, effectively being the organisation's foot soldiers/cannon fodder. They have intelligence (but not much) and can be used on land, sea, air or space (but not well).

Designed by Doctor Kaiser, they can compress down into a small winged ball in order to avoid detection. They can be equipped with a large variety of equipment, though more often than not this just involves them holding stuff in their hands. A smaller version, the Mame Gorro, is used for guard duties on Hell Island.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

The cartoon featured multiple versions of Gura Gorro; for the sake of convenience all are listed here
Voice actor: Masahito Yabe; Hiroaki Ishikawa; Takehiko Watanabe

The Gura Gorro first became public when one was sent to attack Jet Robo as he and Taiyoh Ohzora attempted to help Jun Mizushima, who was trapped inside Landmark Tower. At the suggestion of Musashi Miyajima, Jet created a ZONE to contain the threat and with help from Taiyoh activated his Hyper Mode to defeat the attacker, despite the Gura Gorro using its' spin attacks. Commence the Rescue Combination!! An army of the Gura Gorros were contained in Hell Island, where they listened to Kaiser-G's pronouncements. Another was sent down under the command of Jay to disrupt MRR's attempt to combat a forest fire. Equipped with a drill on its' arm, it battled Fire Robo in a ZONE until he was switched to Hyper Mode by Ace Honoh and defeated, returning to Jay before they both blipped back to Hell Island. Blazing Fire Fighter! Jay then sent a chain gun-equipped Gura Gorro to disrupt Blue Sirens when they attended a road accident, but it was defeated once again, this time by Hyper Police Robo. Straight Ahead to the Police Spirit! He next dispatched one of them to cause general chaos in Tokyo, with damage to a subway endangering the majority of the MRR cadets. Daichi Hayami was dispatched to rescue them in Drill Robo and Jay instead attacked him. However, Daichi was able to control Hyper Drill Robo to defeat the Gura Gorro once again. It's Party Time! Drill Robo Even after using Stealth Robo for the first time, Jay continued to use the Gura Gorros for some missions. He sent one to combat MRR after noticing the team were busy in Tokyo, but it was again defeated by Police Robo. Emergency! Enter Battalion


A Gura Gorro equipped with blades was dispatched to an industrial complex, causing considerable damage thanks partly to the interfering of Charmy Sato. However, it was defeated by Hyper Fire Robo, despite using its' Scissor Attack and Fireball Attack. Industrial Complex Panic! One then leeched a huge amount of hydroelectric power from Sunrise Dam; overloaded, it struggled to move and lashed out, causing damage to the structure. Blue Sirens were called in to help but the electricity pulsing through the Gura Gorro meant it was able to prevent Police Robo forming his Hyper Mode. It was only defeated by the arrival of Gyro Robo. Whirlwind! Gyro Robo A Gura Gorro then attempted to disrupt Yellow Gears' attempt to rescue Saki Murayoshi from a pyramid in Egypt, first attacking the structure and then Drill Robo when he tried to secure the pyramid. The Gura Gorro was rammed by Sayuri Suizenji in Gear Dump and - after those inside the pyramid had escaped - defeated by Hyper Drill Robo in combat. Laughter Can Save the World! Later a Gura Gorro tried to interfere with Susumu and Tsuyoshi Utada's attempts to free their trapped father, but was defeated by Gyro Robo. Finished! Triple Tornado


The next to trouble MRR styled itself as a ninja, being armed with throwing stars. From the seabed it steadily disabled the Marine Park amusement facility. Yellow Gears were called in to investigate but the Gura Gorro was able to cause considerable damage before the park's intransigent manager let them investigate. Despite an attempt to confuse Drill Robo by projecting holograms of itself it was defeated in combat inside a ZONE. Call Out! Gear Dump Robo A Gura Gorro later tried to interfere with the testing of Submarine Robo. Despite being tooled up with diving gear it was defeated by the new Machine Robo's Hyper Mode. I am Submarine Robo A Guro Gorro equipped with, er, a blizzard device then attempted to attack Submarine Robo, but was held off by dolphins and Drill Robo long enough to be defeated. Do You Like Hangars? Despite the catalogue of defeats, purpose of these missions had been largely achieved, as Kaiser-G had gathered considerable intelligence on MRR. Debut, 30000 Metres! A rocket-equipped Gura Gorro later threatened the International Space Station during an MRR operation, but was defeated by Hyper Shuttle Robo. Save the Space Station! Multiple Gura Gorros were deployed for the first time by Colonel Hazard to recover the damaged Stealth Robo after his showdown with Jet Robo Enter! BL Machine Robo and were again used to retrieve BL Fire Robo after the capture of the Aider Robo. Colonel Hazard's Trap!


A pair of Gura Gorros attempted to get a break from causing destruction by holidaying together on a small island. Unfortunately it was an island with a mansion owned by Sayuri, and the MRR cadets also opted to make in their vacation destination. The noise startled the pair, who - having heard rumours the island was haunted - promptly ran into the group out looking for Ken Minami, with both parties mistaking the other for ghosts. With some reluctance they engaged Submarine Robo when they spotted him raising a pirate galleon, but were scared off when they saw a weed-covered Drill Robo, believing him to be a water demon. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation One provided back-up to Colonel Hazard's attempt to take over the airship Uranos 2, carrying BL Police Robo into action Airship SOS! and later recovered BL Drill Robo after its' battle with Stealth Robo at the Space Agency. Stealth Robo's Fierce End Hazard later used a Gura Gorro as part of his plan to abduct fictional character Kimura Yoko from the set of the Ninja Mama movie (which some of the Gura Gorros were aware of but didn't fancy speaking up about it) but they were again frustrated by Yellow Gears. I am the Mother of Daichi After Jay went into the care of MRR a trio of Gura Gorros attempted to frustrate his efforts to recover Stealth Robo. One even tried to reboot his brainwashing before Stealth Robo, Jet Robo and Gyro Robo dealt with them. Be Reborn, Jay! A whole flight of them in their smaller form were used to terrorise a group taken hostage by Disaster to draw out Stealth Robo and Jay. They injured Lin Haruka but sadly failed in a bid to kill Jun Mizushima. Jay, Join the MRR! Jay continued to be a target of Hazard, who sent a Gura Gorro to attack him on a train journey with Blue Sirens. The result took out a bridge, but the Gura Gorro was defeated by V Stealth Robo after its' apparent high speed was found to be the result of a pair working in concert. Birth! V Stealth Robo Three were sent to Hayami Heavy Industries to take specially-treated steel to help Kaiser-G construct his new body; however, they were thwarted by Yellow Gears once again after Machine Commander Robo V was able to defeat all three with help from Daichi. Daichi's Resolution


One of the Gura Gorros became disillusioned with the Disasters and was chased by its' comrades until it fell from Hell Island, landing near Kansai badly damaged. There it was found by Lin, Alice and Sayuri. It didn't attack them and even considered joining MRR, with Sayuri quickly helping convince the girls it was worth saving. However, Hazard and BL Police Robo arrived to destroy or recapture the stray. It shielded the trio of cadets from BL Police Robo but took considerable damage. However, it was able to protect its' friends until Gyro Robo and the Drill Team arrived. While they were able to drive off Hazard the Gura Gorro expired moments later. Salute to the Gura Gorro Another was assigned to use a satellite absorbing microwave energy and turn it against Earth, but Machine Commander Robo V turned the energy back on the Gura Gorro, destroying it. The Greatest Errand of All Time Several tried to prevent Makoto and Jay escaping after accidentally landing on Hell Island. Police Robo and V Stealth Robo were able to successfully retrieve their Robo Masters. The Secret of the Disasters When Kaiser-G was finally ready to deploy the huge body he had been building inside Hell Island, the Gura Gorros were sent as suicide troops to disorientate Machine Robo Rescue. However, several did not detonate. Activate, Kaiser-G!


Three of these were put into field testing by MRR as a fire-fighting unit named Gura Gorro Rescue Squad, equipped with a giant fire hose, a giant ladder and a giant axe between them. Lin was put in charge of the trio, who immediately annoyed her with their sloppy discipline. Fly, MRR! Nevertheless the early trials of the group were a success, and after her graduation from MRR Lin continued to work with them as the group were rolled out in Europe, including fighting a blaze in Paris. Their salutes were still terrible, though, and they still insisted on addressing Lin as "Boss". Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Merchandise[edit | edit source]


Super Performance![edit | edit source]

While no toys of the Gura Gorro were made, a figurine was included in the Super Performance! figure sets. The Jet Team set also included figurines of Jet Robo (in both of his modes) and the four Sky Robo. The set sold in a round plastic tub styled after the Rescue Headquarters launch tower, and retailed at ¥1200.
  • Police Team Set (2003)
The same figurine was included in the Police Team set. The set also included figurines of Police Robo (in both of his modes) and the four Bike Robo. The set sold in a round plastic tub styled after the Rescue Headquarters launch tower, and retailed at ¥1200.
  • Drill Team Set (2003)
The same figurine again was included in the Drill Team set. The Jet Team set also included figurines of Drill Robo (in both of his modes) and the four Bulldozer Robo. The set sold in a round plastic tub styled after the Rescue Headquarters launch tower, and retailed at ¥1200.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Supplemental material states the Gura Gorros are 12m tall and weigh 30t in their standard configuration.
  • It is not entirely clear whether the same Gura Gorro is seen at any particular point; while they are nearly always shown escaping the ZONEs in their "bat" form after their defeats it is not known if they then go into battle. Surprisingly few are definitively destroyed - it only happens in "Salute to the Gura Gorro", while the cadets spent much of the series saying Gura Gorro like it's the name of a single robot until multiple versions first appear in "Enter! BL Machine Robo".
  • While they are presented as a serious threat to MRR early on after the arrival of Stealth Robo they begin to move towards comic relief.
  • Their basic design bears more than a passing similarity to the AMX-109 Capule, a Neo Zeon Mobile Suit designed by Nippon Sunrise for Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.