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Sayuri Suizenji is a human who works for Machine Robo Rescue as a member of the Yellow Gears, piloting the Gear Dump transport along with Ken Minami and acts as a backup Robo Master for the team.

Sayuri is posited as a therapy natural, able to calm anyone near her, but more simply she is just possibly the nicest person in the world. Despite an absurdly lonely childhood where her parents left her almost entirely in the care of a phalanx of servants and retainers Sayuri is superhumanly kind, patient and empathic, and soon becomes very close to team-mate Daichi Hayami. The 10-year old (almost) never loses her temper and always sees the positives in everything and everyone. Sayuri also becomes good friends with Lin Haruka and Alice Beckham, despite the pair of them being as mad as a box of frogs.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Akiko Kimura

Both of Sayuri's parents were tremendously wealthy but as a result spent most of her life away on numerous business trips, and she was largely brought up by their staff. To put her gifts of being a therapy natural to good use she was enrolled in MRR. Salute to the Gura Gorro She was assigned to the Yellow Gears team along with Daichi, Ken Minami and Shō Ashikawa, pre-emptively apologising to her new team-mates for any forthcoming mistakes. The other three were almost as kind as she was. Blazing Fire Fighter! In addition to the classes laid on by the instructors, Sayuri also took on extra subjects, including flower arranging. She became worried about the extreme nervousness that was affecting Daichi and did what she could to boost his confidence as her team-mate considered quitting MRR. Sayuri stayed with the troubled Daichi when Musashi Miyajima found himself taking the rest of the cadets to a carnival in Tokyo, only to come under attack from a Gura Gorro. With a little help from Bone, Daichi volunteered to take Drill Robo in and successfully saved the rest of the team from drowning in a flooded subway tunnel, leading him to saty on - to Sayuri's delight. It's Party Time! Drill Robo On a walk in Tokyo, she encountered a young boy named Hideki, bereft at the loss of his cat Laura. Through her almost weaponised brand of absolute niceness she was soon able to persuade not only the fellow cadets but also the Machine Robo to join the search - with the normally officious Makoto even disobeying a direct order from Koshiro Sasaki to return to Rescue Headquarters rather than disappoint Sayuri. Ironically despite the escalating search team it was Jay, still unknown to MRR, who eventually caught the cat and handed it over. Emergency! Enter Battalion


Along with Lin and Alice she helped to organise a surprise party for the newly-confirmed Robo Masters Clash! Jet vs. Stealth and presented it to them after Taiyoh overcame a crisis of confidence. Look Out! Combination EX Yellow Gears were dispatched to Egypt to help Professor Murayoshi rescue his daughter Saki, who had become trapped inside a pyramid. While Daichi, Ken and Shō went in Sayuri provided a mission overview from Gear Dump, while also attempting to keep the Professor calm. When a Gura Gorro attempted to intervene by trying to collapse the pyramid with the rescue team inside and later attacking Drill Robo as he held it up, Sayuri used Gear Dump to ram the Disaster, buying everyone time to get to safety. She later joined the team in rectifying the damage done to the pyramid during the rescue. Laughter Can Save the World! Despite neither of her parents attending the MRR open day - instead sending a squad of employees to video her speech - she typically showed more concern for Daichi and Taiyoh not having anyone present. And Taiyoh is Fine! After Jay and Stealth Robo targeted the Machine AI Laboratory, Sayuri and the rest of Yellow Gears were sent to provide back-up. However by the time they got there Jay had acquired the Tank Robo and left. She and Alice found Lin and Jun Mizushima, who Jay had rescued from the fire. The Invincible Hyper Stealth Robo! Sayuri later happily informed Ken that his bone marrow was needed for a transplant for a sick child, unaware that her details of the procedure only added to his already present fear of needles. Ken's Rescue Spirit!


The Yellow Gears team were then sent to investigate strange vibrations at Marine Park but found the park's owner intransigent. Instead, Daichi and Sayuri paid for tickets to get inside, and there found further signs that something was wrong. The structure was actually under attack from a Gura Gorro, and once it stepped up its' attacks Daichi concentrated on evacuating survivors, while Sayuri headed back and activated Gear Dump Robo along with Ken. The huge robot was able to stabilise Marine Park, allowing Daichi to get the remaining visitors to safety and activate Hyper Drill Robo - who soon defeated the Gura Gorro. Call Out! Gear Dump Robo She displayed what was perhaps a subtle wicked streak when Shō repeatedly dived to talk to the aloof Submarine Robo; after several unsuccessful attempts to reach the Machine Robo underwater he finally made it only to realise he couldn't speak to the robot. After he returned to the surface Sayuri told her team-mate she had realised that some time ago and was curious to see at what point he would reach the same conclusion. Do You Like Hangars? After Taiyoh and Jet Robo were shot down by Stealth Robo near Ikaros 1 Sayuri was quick to realise the Disasters Machine Robo was heading for Minamitobi Island to finish the job; MRR assembled a task force to intervene as a result. Good Luck Taiyoh Along with her fellow cadets she conspired to help Taiyoh work through his trauma from the crash by getting him onboard the reworked Shuttle Robo as pilot on a mission to rescue the stranded Lin and Kai, which was ultimately successful. Taiyoh Ohzora, Into Space! When Charmy Sato returned to Rescue Headquarters he was swiftly injured attending missions with Red Wings and Blue Sirens. Sayuri then arranged various drills for the presenter to try, and he got hurt and/or humiliated on every single one of them. It is not entirely clear if she did this on purpose. MRR 24 Hours


Along with Daichi, Sayuri and the Drill Team were sent to combat a landslide which they later found out had been caused by the Disasters' new commander, Colonel Hazard. Enter! BL Machine Robo After the Aider Robo were kidnapped by BL Fire Robo the tactless reaction of Makoto saw him spar with Ace; Daichi tried to calm the situation but was pushed into Sayuri. Furious at their causing injury to her, he went berserk. The boys - including Taiyoh, who had haplessly wandered into the middle of the brawl - were hauled before Chief Bitou and told they would have to co-operate better. An opportunity soon presented itself when they had to pilot Machine Commander to deal with an earthquake in South America. From Rescue Headquarters, Sayuri was able to guide them towards the source of the quake - Hazard's new Catfish, which was destroyed by Machine Commander Robo. Combine! Machine Commander Robo Sayuri offered MRR the use of a mansion her family owned on an island for a summer holiday, later revealing there were rumours it was haunted. And it was, by the ghosts of some surprisingly pleasant pirates, one of whom ended up marrying Ken. And not by what Sayuri, Taiyoh, Lin and Kai mistook for a ghost, which turned out to be a pair of Gura Gorros who were trying to get some downtime themselves. When a fight broke out it was mistaken, and Sayuri oversaw the evacuation of the truly gigantic number of staff quartered in the mansion. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation When Hazard took over world communications by taking control of the airship Uranos 2, Sayuri was one of the first to be subjected to the bizarre parade of disturbing pictures he chose to broadcast. Airship SOS! When Yellow Gears were seconded to provide safety help for the filming of the Ninja Mama movie Sayuri was glad to meet Daichi's mother, actress Saeko Homura. The pair bonded over their affection for Daichi, with Saeko sharing family pictures and telling Sayuri how she regretted her career leaving her so little time to spend with her son. She later found herself cast as the young Princess Yuri in the film opposite Daichi. When Hazard - believing Saeko's character Yoko Kimura to be real - disrupted the production with a Gura Gorro attack, Sayuri and Ken activated Gear Dump Robo to restrain the attacker while Daichi rescued trapped crewmember Umeda. After the drama was over Saeko thanked Sayuri and the rest of Yellow Gears for keeping her son safe. I am the Mother of Daichi


Along with the rest of MRR - bar a fuming Alice - she wished Makoto luck for his date with Doctor Aki Saotome. After she died from a terminal illness, Sayuri was among those present at a ceremony honouring her memory. The Story of Makoto's First Love Unlike the rest of the cadets, Sayuri was impressed with Professor Suidōbashi's hologrammatic training simulation Captain Miracle, or at least his upbeat message of "Try the miracle! Love is a miracle!". She used the mantra to help bring some peace between the squabbling cadets and the Professor, forcing them to go all-in on a cry of the motto - much to the embarrassment of everyone else, and the bemusement of the Machine Robo. The Mysterious Superhero Captain Miracle After a reformed Jay considered joining MRR, Sayuri tried to keep an enthusiastic Taiyoh's feet on the ground, though she was happy when he did indeed enlist. Jay, Join the MRR! However, she later found Jay unsuited to the meditation drills she led for Yellow Gears. Birth! V Stealth Robo After Yudai Hayami began to press his son into leaving MRR and becoming president of Hayami Heavy Industries, Sayuri soon realised something was up with Daichi. After he organised a welcome party for Jay and gave a moving speech, Sayuri was the first to realise he was leaving the organisation. Soon after, Yellow Gears were called to Hayami Heavy Industries after a trio of raiding Gura Gorros caused a fire. Daichi soon stepped in to help solve the problem and realised he wanted to rejoin MRR, much to the joy of Sayuri. Daichi's Resolution


Along with Alice and Lin, she was entrusted with representing MRR at the Kansai Disaster Prevention Festival. Despite Alice getting carried away and promising the huge crowd a chance to see Gear Dump Robo - who had to be manually converted by Lin and Sayuri - their appearance was a success. The trio stayed with Lin's parents overnight and discussed their reasons for joining MRR, before a mysterious object was detected landing nearby and the trio were sent to investigate. It turned out to be a Gura Gorro, on the run from Hell Island after deciding it no longer wanted to work for Disaster. After initially being fearful they soon realised it meant them no harm, and Lin even suggested that it could join MRR and she could become its' Robo Master. However, Hazard soon arrived with BL Police Robo to recapture or destroy the Gura Gorro. It refused to go along with them and was mortally wounded defending its' new friends - causing a rare show of anger from Sayuri. The Drill Team and Gyro Robo arrived to help and were able to drive the Disasters off after Alice and Sayuri commanded Gyro Robo perform an EX Combination with the Bulldozer Robo. They and the Machine Robo then saluted the Gura Gorro as it finally expired, glad it had done something good. Salute to the Gura Gorro Her instructions to Jay to always be kind to the elderly were later at least partly responsible for the new recruit's attempt to buy a bag of salt from a shop escalating to a space battle. The Greatest Errand of All Time


After Kaiser-G was able to activate and cut off a volcanic island from the rest of the world, Sayuri joined the full-battalion response to the crisis. However, the Disasters creator soon proved equal to the combined Machine Robo effort to stop him, with Taiyoh and Jay seemingly lost. Activate, Kaiser-G! The rest of MRR were at least able to evacuate the island, with Sayuri piloting Gear Dump and went back into action to help those affected by Kaiser-G's messing with the Pacific volcanoes. When Taiyoh and Jay were found she was delighted, joining Alice and a tearful Lin in celebration. However, Kaiser-G had advanced to Tokyo, where he set the meteorite Tartarus on collision course with Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! The whole team set out to stop him but Kaiser-G was too powerful - with even Gear Dump Robo helpless. Instead Diachi joined the group of cadets who climbed inside Kaiser-G - declaring his love for Sayuri and his hope they would marry before leaving - and planted explosives which would give Shuttle Robo and V Stealth Robo chance to destroy it and the meteorite, saving Earth. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! The end of the Disasters didn't end the need for MRR however, and the cadets had to carry out several rescues on their graduation day - with Daichi and Sayuri drawing admiration from a police bomb disposal squad with their bravery as they used the Drill Team to dispose of some long-forgotten ordinance. Both of his parents attended the eventual graduation ceremony. Fly, MRR!


Following graduation Sayuri went into politics, ending up Prime Minister of Japan and fulfilling her graduation day promise to create laws that would make Brad Bitou's new International Hyper Rescue a success. After being escorted by the new Machine Robo Division of the Metropolitan Police Force under the command of Makoto, she delivered a rousing speech about her plans to let the organisation grow until it can protect everyone worldwide. She received a standing ovation as her word were broadcast worldwide to the delight of her former classmates, all playing their roles in the expanding International Hyper Rescue organisation. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Supplemental material gives Sayuri's birthday as June 26th, and states she was born in Tokyo.
  • Sayuri is the only cadet that has neither parent appear in any way, shape or form in the series.