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Charmy Sato is a child TV presenter from Japan.

He is hugely popular with audiences, but especially with himself. On camera Charmy lives up to his name, being genial and charismatic. Off-camera he is completely without any sort of moral compass, and will create excitement if it doesn't happen. Or just if he gets bored. He's basically a sociopath.

Fiction[edit | edit source]


Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Rica Matsumoto

As part of Brad Bitou's PR push to widen awareness of MRR's mission the popular Sato was invited to Rescue Headquarters to film the group in action. The presence of his crew and cameras made things awkward, especially as instructor Musashi Miyajima was crippled with stage fright. The cadets were startled by Charmy's petulant behaviour whenever he was off-camera, but he was sent with Red Wings to film a drill they had been invited to undertake on a floating industrial complex. Worried that a lack of an emergency will compromise his ratings, Charmy bullied plant supervisor Takada into briefly deactivating the complex's fire safety systems, pretending they had failed for his audience. Taiyoh Ohzora and Lin Haruka were aghast, though Ace Honoh went along with it as he was enjoying being the star of the show. Also unimpressed was Charmy's cameraman Kijima, who quit on the spot and walked out. Charmy was unfazed and merely got Kai Kitazawa to take over. When no-one was watching he deactivated the system again, not realising a Gura Gorro was lurking outside. The Disaster attacked, causing a genuine fire which quickly got out of control. Despite a dressing down from Taiyoh, Charmy continued to see the whole episode as a chance to boost his ratings. While Kai was happy to return to Wing Liner Charmy filmed himself until his camera was destroyed by water; unfazed he switched to another fitted in his watch to film Taiyoh dramatically reactivating the safety systems. After the crisis had passed all Charmy could think of was the dramatic television his footage would make; unfortunately water had seeped into his watch and gave him repeated electric shocks, much to the amusement of everyone else. Industrial Complex Panic!


Despite this, Charmy used the Experience Enrolment programme to get assigned to MRR for a day, bringing a reemployed Kijima with him. Typically, Charmy baulked at cleaning out the hangars and was delighted when Red Wings were called to attend a forest fire. Unfortunately he was immediately injured by a water cannon. Instead he joined Blue Sirens at a PR event, only to get bored and take the team out with a carelessly discarded banana skin - and once again getting injured himself. The kind Sayuri Suizenji arranged for some training to give Charmy some confidence, but he was too scared to descend the climbing wall, dropped a weight on his foot during one of Makoto Aikawa's runs, lost his trunks when water-skiing behind an Aqua Robo, panicked when underwater in the pool and had an attack of claustrophobia in a tunnel made by Drill Robo. He was more in his element when he arranged a ceremony to find who MRR's MVP was, screening a variety of incidents from the team's operation. Unfortunately the stage he was using nearly collapsed, and then everyone was called away on an alert. Disgusted, Charmy gave the award to Bone and sulked off. MRR 24 Hours A signed picture of Charmy was among the mementos left on the wall of the Grand Hall by the first year cadets. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!