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Koshiro Sasaki (佐々木 幸四郎) is a human who works for Machine Robo Rescue as instructor for the Blue Sirens team.

The 28-year old Sasaki is logical, calm and straightforward. His procedural approach to rescue work makes him a natural fit with Makoto Aikawa, though he is less well-equipped to deal with Alice Beckham. Sasaki enjoys a broadly friendly rivalry with Red Wings instructor Musashi Miyajima, usually playing the straight guy to the latter's outbursts.

As one of the less mental members of MRR he doesn't really do much.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Ryōtarō Okiayu
Deep breath...

Sasaki already had an impressive career in the Metropolitan Police Force, where he was known to Makoto's father, before Brad Bitou recruited him to be instructor for Blue Sirens. The Story of Makoto's First Love He was present when the first 12 MRR cadets were put on parade - or 11, as Taiyoh Ohzora got off to a fine start, arriving late and falling on his face. Commence the Rescue Combination!! Sasaki oversaw Blue Sirens' first mission as the Police Team and Siren Galley were sent in to help after a police chase turned into a multiple-vehicle accident, and warned them when a Gura Gorro vectored in to complicate the rescue. Straight Ahead to the Police Spirit! With Miyajima accidentally volunteering to take the cadets to a funfair in Tokyo and Marie Bitou away at a meeting with his father, Sasaki was left in charge at Rescue Headquarters. When a Gura Gorro attacked the city and trapped Miyajima with the cadets on a subway train. As Daichi Hayami and Sayuri Suizenji were the only cadets left at base Sasaki had to ask the former if he could overcome his nerves to save his friends. With a little prompting from Sayuri (and Bone), Daichi was able to go into action in Drill Robo and save the day. It's Party Time! Drill Robo He was later stunned when even Makoto refused a point-blank order to returned to base when Sayuri was able to persuade all of the cadets and Leader Robo to in her in searching for Laura, a lost cat belonging to a boy called Hideki. Marie was able to divert her father, leaving Miyajima and Sasaki to field phone calls from startled Tokyo residents. Thankfully not only was the cat found but Chief Bitou was delighted that MRR had been so active. Emergency! Enter Battalion

...count to ten...

During the eruption of Kaga Mountain, the instructors accompanied all three teams into action in order to help the evacuation efforts. Aim to be a Robo Master! Sasaki was wary of Taiyoh and Ace trying an EX Combination in the field, but Marie and her father felt otherwise and were soon proved correct. Look Out! Combination EX He kept tabs on Gyro Robo's activity in America. When the Police Team hit trouble battling an electricity-overloaded Gura Gorro at Sunrise Dam, Sasaki requested that the Gyro Team be transferred over to provide backup. Whirlwind! Gyro Robo They were later added to the Blue Sirens roster. Laughter Can Save the World! Sasaki was sceptical of allowing Gyro Robo to join Alice and the Utada brothers on their weekend leave. Finished! Triple Tornado He was present at the proceedings for MRR's open day, joining almost everyone in struggling not to laugh at the noisy antics of the Haruka family - or at least how much they embarrassed Lin. And Taiyoh is Fine! Sasaki oversaw the Blue Sirens' security detail as part of the launch of the new Takion, though his biggest headache was Makoto and Alice's bickering. It was probably a relief for him when the train came under threat from The Boss. Arise! Siren Galley Robo When Marie, her father and Professor Tōru Suidōbashi became trapped underwater Sasaki had the idea of sending a second Cube submersible to locate them, a strategy which thankfully for all concerned won out of Miyajima's brave but impractical plan to simply rescue them himself. I am Submarine Robo

...no... no...

After a mission into space left Taiyoh traumatised, the other cadets tried to rebuild his confidence and get him to launch in the reconfigured Shuttle Robo in place of Ace. Taiyoh's dreadful impression of Ace raised Sasaki's suspicions but Miyajima, aware of the ruse, kept him distracted until the launch was completed. Taiyoh Ohzora, Into Space! He was one of the first to suspect there was some connection between a rush of emergencies, which turned out to be the work of Colonel Hazard. Enter! BL Machine Robo Sasaki later helped contribute support when Machine Commander was dispatched to the Republic of Bolare in South America. Combine! Machine Commander Robo When Sayuri offered to take MRR on holiday to her island mansion, Sasaki drew the short straw and had to stay on duty with Makoto and the Utadas. Despite his dutiful countenance Sasaki was desperate to join them on vacation, to the extent of wearing boardshorts in the Control Room and trying to join those on the island on various flimsy pretexts, before attempting to cheer his three companions up with an utterly miserable outdoors camp-out. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation He then led the Blue Sirens cadets on a tour of the Uranos 2 airship, where the captain Tanimura repeatedly undermined his attempts to bring Susumu, Tsuyoshi and Alice under control. Which did turn out to be a plus when Hazard targeted it, as while he captured Sasaki, Makoto and the ship's crew on the bridge the other three were running loose and were able to play their parts in foiling the villain's plans. Airship SOS! Unlike everyone else bar Chief Bitou, he was aware that actress Saeko Homura was Daichi's mother, having actually bothered to read the cadet's file. I am the Mother of Daichi He later joined the rest of MRR in seeing Makoto off when he landed a date with young doctor Aki Saotome. The Story of Makoto's First Love He alsoread out Ace's fan-mail from Ricky in front of the rest of the cadets, presumably just to be a jerk. Survival of the Fittest!

...you'll be back working with normal people soon.

When an amnesiac Jay was brought to Rescue Headquarters and recovered his memories the boy set out to find Stealth Robo. He found him trapped in an underwater volcano, causing both Miyajima and Sasaki to tell the cadets it was too dangerous to proceed. Machine Commander Robo chided them for their lack of faith, and successfully rescued Stealth. Be Reborn, Jay! He then agreed with the decision to allow Jay to join MRR Jay, Join the MRR! During the welcome party for Jay thrown in the Grand Hall, Sasaki and the other instructors together with Chief Bitou put on a play; however, Miyajima managed to declare his love for Marie rather than the character she was playing, getting corrected by Sasaki and laughed at by the cadets. Daichi's Resolution He later joined the Chief and his daughter at a worldwide disaster prevention conference, leaving Miyajima in sole charge - which started with the Red Wings instructor cancelling all classes and ended with Miyajima and Ace hospitalised. Machine Robo Out of Action! Sasaki attempted to provide support for MRR when they were dispatched to Kanameshima after a volcanic eruption, but neither Jay nor Taiyoh heeded his caution when attacking Hell Island. While they shattered the base the move only revealed Kaiser-G's huge body Activate, Kaiser-G! and both cadets were seemingly lost. Sasaki and the other staff then had to try and coordinate the remaining cadets after Kaiser-G caused a chain of destruction across the Pacific on his way to Tokyo, where he set the meteorite Tartarus on collision course with Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! MRR rallied and after the recovered Taiyoh and Jay joined the battle. Kaiser-G was ultimately defeated, and Earth was saved from the meteorite. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! The defeat of the Disasters didn't end the need for MRR and even on their graduation day the cadets had to attend multiple rescues. They arrived back at Rescue Headquarters exhausted for their graduation ceremony. There, Chief Bitou announced his plan to set up International Hyper Rescue. Fly, MRR!

There we go, all better.

Following the formation of International Hyper Rescue, Sasaki returned to the Metropolitan Police Force but was instrumental in working with Makoto in instigating the organisation's Machine Robo Division, and still kept in touch with Miyajima to trade barbs. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Somewhere around the midpoint of the series Sasaki seems to get fed up with everyone undermining him and gives up on attempting to assert any sort of authority.