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Jun Mizushima (水島 純) is the latest in a long line of accident-prone idiots produced by the Mizushima family, being the son of accident-prone idiot Junichi Mizushima, grandson of accident-prone idiot Junichiro Mizushima and the cousin of accident-prone idiot Ryo Mizushima.

Jun is small, weak and whiny. He makes Hanna-Barbera Nick Burns look like IDW Nick Burns. He's involved in more disasters than the Disasters. Jun aspires to be in Machine Robo Rescue, and idolises Taiyoh Ohzora, probably because he only has to see him in small doses. That he doesn't die at any point refutes the theory of evolution - an all-powerful is God the only explanation for Jun's continued survival.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Akiko Kimura

Before Machine Robo Rescue had even gone on their first mission Jun was not only injured - being on crutches - but had to be saved by MRR member-to-be Taiyoh from getting hit by a box falling from a passing truck. Even by Taiyoh's usual thoughtless standards this went on to cause huge problems, firstly as it allowed Jun to go and get trapped in the Landmark Tower very soon afterwards, requiring Taiyoh to rescue him with the aid of Jet Robo. Commence the Rescue Combination!! Jun met Taiyoh again when the Red Wings cadet was taken to the Machine AI Laboratory by Lin Haruka, finding Jun, his teacher and his class were taking the same train. There Jun at least largely kept Taiyoh amused and out of everyone's way until the MRR cadet got into a brawl with a security droid. Jun meanwhile managed to get lost from the rest of his class, unwittingly stumbling into Jay. Despite the Disasters warrior loudly announcing his plans to hack into the laboratory, Jun just whined about how scared, weak and stupid he was, drawing some comments from Jay that would have been very cutting if Jun hadn't been too busy wallowing in self-pity. Jay continued his plan but found Lin blocking his way; she attempted to fight him until Jun again turned up and she had to worry about him too. They were both overcome by smoke, though Jay carried them both to safety before leaving - presumably realising that Jun had serious potential for causing world destruction. The Invincible Hyper Stealth Robo!


Jun's class visited an industrial complex, which naturally then caught fire. As ever he got separated from his classmates, meaning Taiyoh and Ace had to rescue him from a fire storm. Fear of the Fire Storm He and his father later attended a Blue Sirens crime awareness event and both instantly fell on their backsides, though for once more chaos was caused by the careless Charmy Sato. MRR 24 Hours Further incident was courted when his class were invited to Rescue Headquarters itself, and like clockwork Jun not only got separated from his peers but blundered onboard Wing Liner. When the Red Wings transporter was called to a blaze caused by BL Fire Robo he decided that the resulting burning industrial complex was a good place to get off and wander around aimlessly. Ace spotted him, but the distraction of getting Jun to safety gave BL Fire Robo chance to take control of the Aider Robo. After he was safe, Taiyoh told Jun the incident wasn't his fault. But it pretty much was. Colonel Hazard's Trap!


For reasons best known to herself Lin decided that Jun was the guy to help her work out her conflicting feelings over a reformed Jay being recruited for MRR. In a way she was right - the observation tower she and Jun were meeting in was promptly randomly selected by Colonel Hazard and BL Drill Robo to draw out the defecting Jay and Stealth Robo. Both proved their mettle by working with Taiyoh to save the hostages; the operation's only blemish came when Hazard had a flight of Gura Gorros grab Jay and drop him from the tower, with Taiyoh and Jay combining their efforts to save Jun from death. Jay, Join the MRR! Jay was later entrusted with buying a bag of salt by Satoko Oigawa but had the misfortune to get inveigled in a Mizushima family reunion when Junchiro mistook him for his grandson. They eventually met up with the real Jun on Ikaros 1 - naturally at the same time a Gura Gorro tried to use the Sunrise 1 satellite to direct microwave energy towards Africa, which was foiled by V Stealth Robo and Machine Commander Robo, meaning Jun lived once again. The Greatest Errand of All Time Naturally the family were visiting the small volcanic island Kaiser-G chose as the starting point for his plan to trigger the Pacific 'Ring of Fire' to devastate Earth. Activate, Kaiser-G! Despite MRR being outmatched by Kaiser-G they were still able to evacuate Jun and his family along with the rest of the civilians on the island. A Looming Catastrophe! He was later a guest at the graduation of the MRR cadets, along with his father. Fly, MRR!


Later he joined MRR along with his cousin Ryo, watching instructors Ace, Alice and Shō as they screened an introductory video. And interrupting a lot. Together with the rest of the new intake they were sent on hangar cleaning duty when the class talked over Ace's own video. Sortie! Later they were present when Air Leon, Daichi Hayami and Professor Tōru Suidōbashi arrived. They were later introduced to Ken Minami, head of the new International Hyper Rescue hospital. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Jun's age is never established.